Anybody every have an abortion? how did you feel afterwards?

Anybody every have an abortion? how did you feel afterwards?

Anybody every have an abortion? how did you feel afterwards?


im 16 && need an abortion. sad to say. I know i fck'd up and got pregnant in high school but right now its either i get an abortion or i cant graduate. im 5 weeks pregos today, and we graduate in May.. which is around the time the baby is due. I dont want one, buht i dont really have a choice. Yes im dumb, i know :( #fml



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Had abortion 4 weeks ago why am I still pregnant?
Did you have a surgical or medical abortion? If you had a medical abortion did you check to see if the fetus passed? If it didn't then there is a chance you could still be pregnant, if you are then there will be damage done so you will have to go throw with the abortion. You need to go back...

Why is it that A list celebrities will talk about drug abuse, being raped by a relative, etc and not abortion?
Because traumatic events in their life show that they have strength (in overcoming difficulties), thus making them appear in a more positive light. But discussing abortion is a difficult subject- if they say they have had one they alienate a vast number of people who think it is basically a...

Who can make this an abortion bill for congress?
Simple, offer it to your congress representative of your state and ask him if he would like to make this into a bill.

I need good Abortion Interview Questions for my research paper.?
For the advocates: I would probably start out with general question, like "Why are you pro-choice/pro-life?" Maybe ask if anything in the life has contributed to their opinions. Here are some other possible questions: 1-Do you feel abortion is a human rights issue or a womens rights issue...

Is it OK to kill abortion doctors?
of course....two wrongs make a right..... great logic what if, unknown to you, the abortion doctor was carrying triplets? then you've just killed three babies and an adult who is just doing her job. the mother about to get an abortion is going to get an abortion......if not from that doctor...