Any males who are against abortions?

Any males who are against abortions?

Any males who are against abortions?


Sorry, not a guy, but just thought I'd post my opinion. I really do believe it's the right of the woman to choose whether she should have an abortion or not, but I also think she should be making an *educated* decision, rather than one where she thinks it's not going to affect her emotionally. So many women regret having abortions and yes, I do think it would be best that they go through councilling and are educated on the issue of abortion before deciding. I do not, however, believe in partial abortion. I think once the fetus could have the chance of living outside the womb, it's wrong to just end the life- the decision should have been made long before that. I believe that a woman should have the right to have an abortion up until she is 12 weeks, but after that, she shouldn't be allowed--she has had ample time to make an informed decision.


First, abortion is not done by lethal are obviously completely uneducated about how abortion is even done. Do you have actual statistics and facts to back up your claim that "a lot of babies are born alive"? Two, they do require counseling for every woman before she has an abortion...every single woman who goes in for an abortion speaks to a counselor. Some change their mind, some don't. They also speak to the doctor performing the abortion who explains the physical risks and have to sign forms that they talked to both of these people. Third, you think later term abortions are better than early? That is ridiculous and cruel. That is why so many people are against partial-birth abortions...because they are done in the third trimester. Again, educate yourself. The earlier an abortion is done the better. Fourth, how old is your brother? You know medical science keeps advancing and advancing. I find it hard to believe that a doctor could mistakenly diagnose Downs Syndrome, but I don't know how they used to diagnose. I know that nowadays they diagnose using Amniocentesis in which the fetal DNA is studied and there is no mistaking if there are chromosomal abnormalities. Lastly, any MAN who feels he has the right to tell a WOMAN what to do with her body should go out a get himself fixed...then he never gets someone knocked up (as you so eloquently put it) and she doesn't have to make the decision as to what to do with an accidental pregnancy. It's so easy for men who can sleep around and don't have to worry about pregnancy, but feel free to be so judgmental, and many times don't stick around to be a father if she decides to follow through with the pregnancy! EDIT: The most common form abortion is vacuum aspiration...not drugs. The article you cited for your source was written in 2005...three years ago, and discusses late-term abortions.


First of all, abortion kills a human being. There are more than a million of these killings in the USA each year. How Heavenly Father must grieve at such numbers. I am not against the exercise of free will. But, there is a price to pay for every bad decision. Why not have counseling before they go and get pregnant? How about guys taking responsibility? We have come to a point where our decisions are effecting the entire country. Each bad decision adds to the next and they pile up. We, as a country, have to come together to quit making these bad decisions. God Bless


I'm not a man, but, i am against partial abortions. I also believe that there should be process to getting an abortion. I know that some girls do things such as sleep around but completely banning abortion would not only punish those girls but also their babies who may not be loved. When you ban abortion, studies show, resentment is strong in those mothers who would have gotten an abortion.


well im not a guy but... im 50 / 50 on it.... i think its a woman’s body and its her human right to do what she wants with it.... in the end it all boils down to religion, if your extremely catholic or w/e of course your gonna think its morally wrong... but personally... leave out the religion for now... If a woman is raped and got pregnant do you honestly think it would be right to have the baby? i don’t think so..... think about the rape child and their future, sooner or later they want to know who’s their father, and they come to find out that he/she was a rape baby ... if that was me and i found out my dad was someone who rapped my mother, no matter who it is... so in this case lets say its an incest rape... to find out your father is your uncle or your grandfather... that’s sickening i would not be able to live with that... and counseling? who will pay for that? if i was raped i would not want to bare that child... im sorry.... im not gonna suffer 9 months depressed and f'ed up in the head from being rapped….. i would not give two sh*ts about that child. Im sorry if that seemed harsh but honestly, that’s how I feel A child should be made by love not by force... so if someone is raped i think its a human right to decide what they want to do with their body and w/e..... but. if a woman who has sex constantly, does not care.... has abortions left and right then i think that’s awful and its your fault and should take responsibility.... but if you have sex responsibly and use a condom or pill and you still get pregnant then its okay... like me.. im only 20 still in college, i dont have a job because im a full time student so i have no way of being able to afford for the child... and adoption is not a answer for me because that’s my child, i would love it and care for it if i MUST, but i would never give away my child if im in a serious/committed relationship...... so im 50/50 on it


I'm sorry I'm a girl and answering your question. =P I think that abortions are never a good choice with an exception to young teenager (ex. 11 year old girl). If she was rapped she was already traumatized enough, she shouldn't have to go through pregnancy, birth, missing school, missing out with friends, embarrassment. Her body, her choice. If you don't like abortions, don't have one. Also, I hate to say this, but I think men should have no say in this. They honestly have no idea what it's like to go through anything a women has to. =]


I work as a psychologist in a juvenile hall. I would like to give "Right to Lifers" a tour. Very sad to so many children that were never really wanted and no one around to claim them. Just very sad. Don't have an opinion unless you take the time to see all of the reality. The level of abuse is unbelievable. It would be best to change that silly movement into social programs that help these kids know a loving and accepting home rather than insist they be born and then walk away.


Here's my opinion. In am neither for nor against abortions. The only person who should have any say is the pregnant woman. It should be her choice and her choice alone. And, the government should get out of the abortion controversy. It should be none of the government's business.


Don't you think that this should have been posted in a different section since you want opinions from males? Last time I checked, only females could be pregnant and are the predominant demographic in here. However, since I'm such a poor decision maker, I could be just plain stupid and therefore wrong.



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