Anti abortion?

Anti abortion?

Anti abortion?


See i believe the only time an abortion should come into it is if you have been raped(regardless who raped you) . Some people take having abortions as a second job, the way i look at it is if u dont want to have children well make sure u take every possible choice there is so u dont fall pregnant , there is to many people out there that cant have children for many reasons,


People have to come to the sad realization that at some point, we were all just a glob of cells. Globs of cells are not 'people'. People also have to realize that bringing every single glob of cells to term is not humane. I can think of many situations, including the one you have mentioned, where the rights of the person outweigh any perceived rights of a glob of cells. When the people of planet earth start taking care of all of the humans that are already born and living in unacceptable conditions, that's when I'll start advocating for more fertilized eggs to hatch. Priorities, people: spend all that hostile energy you have trying to control the lives of people who are able to see the big picture and put it towards helping all the disadantaged children who were born because their parents weren't brave enough to make the logical and humane decision. Thanks for the chance to rant!


pro-lifers are an odd breed. they claim to want to "save the babies", but in reality it's not about that. it's about controlling others. they're control freaks. they're gonna start with women, and then im sure in time they'll try to control men too. many pro-lifers are also homophobes. so they not only want to control what women do, but also what homosexuals do. it's pretty sad.


well i then i could only make that decision if i were in that situation... other than that i would have to so yes.. it is.


Regardless of the circumstances of the pregnancy, killing the unborn child is still killing. To deliberately kill a child in my view is wrong. Cheers :-)


Abortion is always murder regardless of how the child was conceived. Right is right and wrong is wrong.



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