American History Final Exam! Please help! part 3?

American History Final Exam! Please help! part 3?

American History Final Exam! Please help! part 3?



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Does abortion kill babies?
Well what is the definition of killing so that we can analyse this in plain man's terms (even though the plain man should have common morals to know the answer) says Killing is verb (used with object) 1. to deprive of life in any manner- cause the death of- slay. 2. to destroy-...

How much do abortionists make?
My mum works as an abortion nurse on a saturday. She gets good pay but she does for all her agency nursing. I am not telling you on here though. Its not eerie and sad at all. My mum talks to all the girls and she came back last week going on about this girl that works at the beauty salon and...

Please let me answer.?
Please watch this: It changed my outlook on abortion and life in general. You can also search 180 movie in YouTube to view it. Powerful stuff.

Do you have to be eighteen in order to get abortion services. Are there any free clinics in PA?
In addition to the above comment by "?ue May 4th • ?aby Girl," the cost is about $450 to $500. It depends a bit on how far you are into the pregnancy and which doctor or clinic you use. However, the cost can spike to around $1000 if you have complications, are more advanced (past 10 or 12 weeks)...

What happens to the fetuses of second trimester abortions?
That might depend on which abortion method is used: Saline Solution. Fluid is drawn out of the amniotic sac where the baby is and a concentrated salt solution injected in its place. The baby breathes and swallows the solution, struggles, hemorrhages, goes into convulsions, and in a few hours...