Amazing girlfriend and me, different religious views......?

Amazing girlfriend and me, different religious views......?

Amazing girlfriend and me, different religious views......?


Well... I'm sure a lot of people will step in and comment, maybe even say dump her. My advice is to be very careful. If you stay as a different religion then her, you both need to be very clear on one topic: children. How will the be raised? Will they go to church? How involved will they be in the church? If she expects them to go to church weekly, go to sunday school, be baptised, go to bible camp, etc.. and you're expecting nothing like that - this could become a HUGE issue if you do get married and have a kid. You need to make sure you have this issue clearly worked out. It might even be worth talking about it now, if you think this relationship is going to possibly continue on to marriage. If you two can't come to some sort of agreement, why continue on? You might get close to marriage and then break it off painfully when you realize this (and many other issues) are going to be a problem. This is true of any couple who has mixed religions. It CAN work, as long as BOTH sides agree and they keep to their agreement. I've known couples who have had a great marriage with different religions and I've know couples who have broken up because of the different religions.


You have just said you have a problem and have clearly stated it. She knows her religious beliefs and has clearly stated them. You on the other hand have none. This will make for a very unhappy relationship unless you both agree to be very mature in your acceptance and tolerance of each others beliefs. If you are seeking a long term relationship then you need to seek counseling now. Giving into the other person to please them is not a compromise. Your spiritual life or lack of is your business and your business alone. If she is seeking a partner who shares her beliefs your not the one. Many Blessings


I think that if you are going to be long term with this girl there could be problems. She is following her heart in her ideas re religion and you are not committing to religion because deep down you maybe think it is not real. Sounds to me like she is pushing religion at you and maybe even annoying you with it all. This is the main thing in her life and she might be better off with someone who shares her strong religious views. If she is always talking about religion to you well I think you need to maybe get another girlfriend who might be more open minded about things especially if you find yourself feeling uncomfortable with her "preaching".


If Jesus is her main priority, she wouldn't marry an unbeliever. And the point in dating is to end up in marriage. You will have a lot of conflict in the long run, trust me. You dont have to commit to religion, just commit to Jesus. you wont have the rules of the religion, instead, if you're applying the bible into your life, you will in some ways change without even trying:)


If your girlfriend is really a "devoted Christian" she should know that the Bible is against "unequal yokes" (believers and unbelievers dating). She may be one of the ones who believe in "missionary dating." This is very dangerous and can lead to heartache on both sides. I think you should let her go.


Convert only if you share their beliefs. A relationship should work fine with different religions.


perhaps you and her could seek deeper the Truth and converse with God, making you both stronger in Christ together, she is right to put Christ first, above all others, for it is her soul that is at stake, I pray she does not is hard when one is not like the other, having very common ground, you may agree now, but someday down the road, you will grow weary of her choices to choose Christ over you, perhaps seeking the Truth deeper, you will grow closer to God and realize it does not confine your freedoms, but define all that is Good and wonderful and amazing...God Bless


Yes. You should always settle for the nut job who puts imaginary men before you, and your possible children. Sorry to be harsh, but that really annoys me. These people have no real evidence or idea that their God, or Jesus, is real - yet they put 'them' before any other person in their lives because of the 'comfort' it gives them, and because it makes them feel special. It's cruel, it's sick, and it's psychotic. *sigh* But if you're fine with that, and fine with the idea of her putting Jesus before her family (including children) in all things, then go for it. If you're happy, and she is, then why not. I just couldn't be with someone so selfish.


If she's understanding enough, maybe both of you do have a future. There's freedom in faith, just look for it^^



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