After 40 years, why are we still debating abortion rights?

After 40 years, why are we still debating abortion rights?

After 40 years, why are we still debating abortion rights?


To put it shortly, once progressiveness wins a battle we still have to fight a war to ensure that at the end of the day that victory still means something. I think if we can finally get the higher courts to realize that it's a basic human right. That nothing and no one has a right to a person's body. That nothing and no one has a right to use a person's body, even to sustain its own life. That the idea of abortion being wrong has no standing, not morally and not legally. That whoever suggest it is wrong is in fact assaulting human rights. Then maybe we could get somewhere. If we could finally just get someone ballsy enough to say that and make it law. That's really the problem though. Because the opposition isn't just a bunch of women hating morons. They're often a bunch of violent women hating morons. With a lot of standing in the church. And a lot of standing in the modern Republican party.


If abortions are made illegal, then Adultery has to be an enforced crime again. And Divorce has to become a thing of the past for parents, and any child not in a married family must be placed with a family that is married. Everybody would be affected by this, and none for the better. To pooh-pooh over the unfortunate and heinous act of aborting a fetus is no match for the millions of people already born who will suffer for years and years if such activity ceases. Man as an animal has killed his own kind for many hundreds of thousands of years. Americans are killing Muslims, and are racking up trillions in debt for over a decade so the young men and women in the military can successfully do so. Where's the pooh-poohing over that? Africans have been killing each other for twice as long, and longer, and nobody, except maybe Bono, gives two hoots about it. Man kills man all the time. And no, we will never get over the fact that we do so.


It'll settle out in favor of life some day. Life always wins. However, one battle we must win is the illegal debate too. Being both GOP and DNC seem bent of allowing over 30 million pretreained socialist loving peons to replace the 54 million American who have died. Cut the tap on the flow of illegals too. Right now we, as a nation, are shirking our responsibilities.Taking the much too easy superhighway of lazy politics.


If irresponsible citizens want to kill their babies we must allow it. At least until there is a Legal definition of when a baby becomes human. But there is No legal or Constitutional logic that says every other citizen Must be Forced to Pay for those abortions. Let the irresponsible py for it themselves.


Because cons keep trying to force a woman to have the child of her rapist. Polls out today show that 9% of Americans agree with that Paul Ryan argument. If you don't believe in abortion don't have one, but stop trying to force Big Government between women and their doctors and voila the debate ends.


The words of the Supreme Court do not equate to morals. Acknowledgement of a law does not equate to condoning its results. Women's bodies are capable of holding and feeding other human beings- dependence of the slayed upon the killer for sustenance does not justify he who kills another in cold blood. Do you think the exceptions to murder laws for doctors are the greatest threat to the Union? Regardless: After 40 years, we're still killing babies.


No debate, just the cons are jumping up and down screaming turning red about a law that has been on the books since 1973.


It's because the religious nuts in your country want to force you to live by their beliefs.


As long as people put religion before freedom then yes we will debate this for eons.



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