Advise on Polycystic ovary syndrome and abortion?

Advise on Polycystic ovary syndrome and abortion?

Advise on Polycystic ovary syndrome and abortion?


i have pcos and im pregnant with my second baby concieved naturally both times, as you dont have periods i would be concerned about the fact you may never concieve again. it is possible but it could take many years and medical interventions when the time comes you do want a child together. you cant alawys plan things out and it works out how it should be. i think youll regret having an abortion. i had my first at your age she was planned though, and i couldnt imagine my life not being a mum. i say have the baby, if your partner doesnt support you he is the one missing out but im sure he will come round and accept it eventually, its a lot to take in after assuming youd never concieve naturally. good luck.


I do know several young ladies with polycystic ovaries who have been trying for many many years to conceive. This might just be the only time you will ever get pregnant. You need proper counselling from the medical profession.



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