Abortion............when should we limit it?

Abortion............when should we limit it?

Abortion............when should we limit it?


All I have to offer is my opinion: I believe it is a womans right to do whatever she wishes with her body. I also think that this issue should be separated from religious beliefs - most of these cases are unplanned and the mothers are unable to provide neccessary care - this needs a secular approach. Ive taken a few genetics courses, and a dont really consider an early fetus as alive until it can survive on its own (logically). After that, I think its kinda sick. But putting limits on abortion - no matter how logical - will lead to more and more sanctions and soon it will be forbidden and woman will be dying in dirty back allies due to botched jobs again. Let those women live with their guilt - which is almost inevitable. And let those babies go to God who can care for them a hell of a lot better than a 15 year old mother or a possible rape victim - or better yet an economically stable woman who is married and is just a dumbass that doesnt care. As for adoption: if there were more than enough people ready to adopt, then why are there orphanges?


To those of you that think abortion kills a living being and never should be used, think of the living being called the impregnated female. When 15, (a straight A student at the top of my class), and called into the greenhouse by my zoology teacher for discussion of grades, he locked the door. Some of the windows had been covered. There is nothing you can do to stop a rape by a very strong determined man with his prior planning horrifically evident. This was a public school in the U.S. You were supposed to learn from and always respect and cooperate with your teachers, so there was no reason to be prepared for such a thing. My uncle was on the school board & I learned this teacher did this to many girls. The board did not fire him because it would have cost them his salary, the salary of a replacement teacher, & litigation from the fired teacher. They decided the female students were not worth the expense. We were to CONTINUE in that class, with grades falling to D's & F's for "lack of cooperation". That episode ruined the lives of many females. How can you believe in your worth after that? If, any had become impregnated, carrying that child would have been torture heaped on the rest of the humiliation. As long as there is rape, and maternal mortality in childbirth, we cannot dictate a time when abortion is or is not appropriate. Those screaming about abortion being a crime better zip their pants.


Abortion should be legal when a women has been raped or her health is at risk to have that child. I don't believe in abortion being another alternative for birth control....either go on the pill, use protection, or keep your legs together. Otherwise you need to take on the responsibility of having a child.


I feel that once you can hear the heartbeat, then it becomes a living being. I think abortions should be outlawed at that time. If a woman really wants or needs an abortion, she would know by then that she was pregnant.


When men can get pregnant, then we should put limits on abortion and tell them what to do with their bodies and how to live their lives.


I think there should be a limit. Agree with it or not it will probably remain legal. I wouldn't be able to choose a cut of date but there should be one of some sort.


unless the baby inside the mother is already dead then an abortion should NOT be done, why not put the child up for adoption ? ! There are plenty of people who would love to adopt !


No abortions, ever! That is when we should limit it!! Abortion is killing a living being!!


24 and the hell with everyone else that says never



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