Abortions and teenagers?

Abortions and teenagers?

Abortions and teenagers?


I think a lot of women, especially young ones will have an abortion , even if they really don't like the idea, because they see it as the only solution. My strong belief is that sex education is long over due a major re-address. I'm 26 and about 10 years ago in the catholic school i attended contraception was not included in sex ed because of the obvious religious conflict. It was covered in biology lesson as it is a compulsory part of the curriculum, and also in religious education where we were taught how evil it was and not what God wanted. Unsurprisingly our school had the highest pregnancy rate for the county and that statistic doesn't include how many would have aborted. It would be interesting to see how British rates compare to American, and see if any the drinking age could also be a factor.


This is a difficult subject, I'm against abortions because a life is a life, but this is my personal view, if I had a daughter who found out she was pregnant and wanted an abortion, I wouldn't stop her. Before the abortion went ahead, I would discuss all the other options with her, the final decision would be hers. As for who should pay, I'm not sure, maybe the father of the child, after all, he is part of the problem for not wearing a condom. Every lad who has sex should use protection, even if the female says she is on the pill, with all the sexual diseases around, the lad is the one who has the means to protect both partners by wearing the condom. The man has the control of the situation, against unwanted pregnancies and sex diseases if he wears protection at all time.


All teenagers are aware of becoming pregnant and free contraception! In some ways having an abortion on the NHS is good as it decreases on teen parents .. but then they don't learn there lesson! And will do it again. If it wasn't on NHS teen parents would be on the increase & to be honest it means are tax would probs go up as they will be living off benefits! Either way it effects people which is a poo!


Some people on here will blow a fuse when I say, NO female under the age of 21 should have the right to have an abortion without the consent of her parents. Why 21 and not 18? Because far too many females between those ages are ruled by their heart and not their head. They do not use logic or common sense in making life altering decisions. I use to be one, so I know what I speak of. I do not have a problem with those certain cases of rape, health reasons, etc., but that is such a minor percentage than those who are too irresponsible to keep their legs together.


We live in a society that is pro-choice. If we remove the choice element away from young women they will find other ways of dealing with their problem. We should be finding other ways to support them rather than removing the support we do offer (remember counselling is part of the process). By taking away the right to terminate (not abort!) there will be even more unwanted children in this sad bad overpopulated world who's existence will be marred. Do we as a society want that???!!! And if a child is old enough to conceive a child they are able to deal with the consequences and take action. If they decide to terminate the pregnancy that is their choice. Involving parents is technically an invasion of their human rights (proven by legal cases) and like I say it is their responsibility. Pro Choice!!


I agree with you in theory but this is still a free country and the freedom of choice is very important to me. I do not think that one class of sex ed is enough to educate kids. I think it is the parents responsibility to keep educating their children. I am pretty positive that if a girl is under the age of 16 she can not have one with out parents consent, but that could be different in each state. It is not my place to judge what reasons should be allowed what should not or even if it is right or not, only that every person on in this counrty is given the legal right to choose.


I don't think its seen as an 'easy way out' and perhaps the rates seem higher as people used to have them done in back street butchers and by people that shouldnt have been doing them and they therefore were not noted. I think abortions are the last resort and nobody that has one finds it an easy decision to make. I think as soon as this option is taken away from people though, they will feel as though people have turned their backs on them and will seek other ways of getting rid of the baby, ways that are of danger to the mother too. I think young people feel increasing pressure to have sex and do what 'their friends do'. I dont think sex education empasises that its not important to have sex young and young people do feel an extreme pressure from their peers to conform and do what everyone else is doing. Our society is also very obsessed with sex and looking sexy, if you look at all of the women that young girls idolise they are all highly sexualised and have men lusting after them, this surely sends out a message that young girls should look a certain way and appeal to men through looking sexy. Society needs to change and then perhaps young people might not feel so drowned by the messages that the media send out.


i believe that your right.. i believe abortions should only be a last option .. rape being the only case that it should be offered immediately... mostly for the emotional health of woman, though if she chose to keep it counseling offered.. in the last week i have responded to 6-10 questions from 'teenagers' pregnant and not telling their parents. besides the fact that the parents most likely will file charges against the boy.. just the fact of taking responsibility seems foreign to most of them.. "golly we had sex, but how did i get pregnant?" Parents should be more involved with their children's going-ons. Not saying all parents are bad.. just that some are making it hard for the rest of the good parents.


If abortions were banned the teenage pregnancy rate would shoot up even more. Young people are going to have sex anyway regardless of what us grown ups say. Let's just hope they do so safely.



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