Abortion.....My persuasive speech?

Abortion.....My persuasive speech?

Abortion.....My persuasive speech?


I would point out that many pro-lifers treat a fetus entirely differnt than they would treat a child. No Funerals Using the same baby name over again after a miscarriage (you would never do this if it were a real child.) No Reporting of Miscarriages to the police Heck, if you meet a pro-lifer who has had a miscarriage, they will tell you how many kids they have. They don't say, I have four kids and one who died at 4 weeks in the womb. They in fact will ignore that child/fetus existence and never use it's name in public conversation (unless they have recyclced it.).


pro-lifers hate freedom and are religious nutjobs GUESS WHAT? JESUS IS DEAD.



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What are some shocking facts on abortion...?
Yeah you see this is the problem with your argument you have let your emotion and opinion lead you before you had any facts. And to Mrs Cullen the bible makes no distinction on modern science, that would be truly impossible. And further more which God? Yours? His? Hers? Mine? As far as an argument...

How to perform home abortions??!?
Go to the doctor or woman's clinic, and get the abortion pill, if you're not too far along. Otherwise you'll have to have a surgical abortion.

Is abortion legal?
Yes, it's legal. Please take a look at this information before you do something you will regret the rest of your life: Abortion Techniques: http://abort73.com/HTML/I-A-3-techniques... Photos and Video of Abortions, Including Early 1st Trimester Abortions: http://www.abort73.com/HTML/I-A-4-video...

Is an abortion allowed in the state of south carolina?
Yes, abortion is legal in South Carolina, with the following restriction: 'North Carolina's post-viability abortion restriction provides that no abortion may be performed after 20 weeks of pregnancy unless there is a "substantial risk" that continuance of the pregnancy would threaten the woman's...

Who replaced sandra day o'connor on the us supreme court?
On July 1, 2005, Associate Justice Sandra Day O'Connor sent a letter to President George W. Bush, announcing her retirement from the Supreme Court effective upon the confirmation of a successor. President Bush first nominated John Roberts to the vacancy- however, when Chief Justice of the United...