I am pro-life. I have lost many nieces/nephews due to someone aborting them and it was emotionally painful each time she did it. I think that if you are not adult enough to have a child, then you are not adult enough to have sex. Simple as that. If you cannot accept the consequences then you should not put yourself in that position. Religion does make abortion wrong but not everyone who is religious supports that. I do not see any pros with abortion so I can't answer that. It is a subject worthy of researching b/c it is such a common practice and for the most part it still is not talked about very much. Most people think that in the early months, babies are just "clumps of cells" as I have heard it put, but they don't realize that they really do look like babies very early on. So when they get an abortion they are not as informed. I think it should be researched so that people really know what they are getting themselves into. And there should be after-care for the mental and emotional pain that most women go through (at least the women that i know have had them are still going through that pain and regret). Hope that helped even though I am super biased.


I don't think that the killing of another human being, no matter how young or old, should be taken lightly. I am friends with a couple in there twenties who have had at least 4 abortions because they were too drunk, stoned or lazy to use a condom. And now, barely two years after the last abortion, she informed me that she is "getting clucky" now and wants a baby, and it suddenly occurred to them both that they could already have a family now. That makes me feel sick. How ever, as a victim of incestual rape, I wonder if it is fair to force rape and/or incest victims who get pregnant to carry the baby. I know some women who have done this AND raised the child lovingly but I doubt most women would be able to handle this. Why is abortion such a noteworthy topic? Reguardless of which side you take, abortion is killing of a human life, never something to be taken lightly.


I am pro-choice because I wouldn't never want to make someone do something that they dont want to. If they cant care, love, and support a baby, then maybe its better for everyone if they dont have it. Personally, I couldn't have an abortion because it seems scary and there's probably a family out there who can't have one. I dont think you will go to hell if you have one. Wouldn't god want what is best for you and your fertilized egg? Religion makes this such a controversial subject and definitely makes it seem wrong. I would never want to take a woman's rights away, so therefore I am pro-choice.


I personally do not believe in abortion, and would not have one done. However, there are extenuating circumstances where I feel it should be available to those who want one. Such as a woman who becomes pregnant after being raped. Or if the mother has a condition that will either kill the baby or herself by carrying it. There are several others, but you get my point. I think any baby deserves a chance, and if the person doesn't want it, they can give it up to someone who does.


I am pro choice, because the world is overpopulated and people shouldn't have babies that they don't want or can't take care of. I don't know if I would be able to bring myself to have an abortion, but I think the option should be available to those who need it.


Y'know, I've worked in surgery for many years... Assisting surgeon's with D&C's or Suction D&C's you get to see alot... After doing a suction d&c on a patient (and yes, this was an "elective" suction d&c- meaning ABORTION)...I was the lucky one who had to handle the specimen............................ the specimen being a small fetus, but fully identifiable nonetheless. After being sucked out of the uterus in pieces and thru the suction tubing and into the suction reservior container- I was the lucky one who got to open that container, and "re-assemble" the baby parts to make sure we didn't leave any behind in the uterus. Not fun. Horrible I might add. An image that I'm sure will stay with me now forever. I'm not here to judge anyone...all I can say is that if any pregnant mother actually got to experience what I did, they may think twice. Or at least, the very least, reconsider their form of birth control.


I agree with previous poster whole heartedly. I am a mother of 2 girls, and I would never have chosen abortion for myself, but if one of them got into a mess, I would want the option to be open. The world has so many unwanted children, it breaks my heart. Not to mention how many rotten parents get landed with babies that haven't a prayer of turning out decent.


I don't think we have the right to tell someone else what to do. If someone doesn't want a child, and doesn't want to carry a baby for nine months, how are they going to treat the child? Is it right to tell someone else that they have to bear the child for nine months even if they're going to give it up? I don't think it's my choice. I think the facts should be fully presented to someone who is going to make the choice- like the surgeon's assistant above, but we should never tell someone what they should or shouldn't do with their own body.


Yes abortion is the killing of another human being. Id hate to be resposible for killing a life. I reckon if you dont want it put it up for adoption. Its different to being life threatening, or by choice i reckon by choice is wrong, circumstanes maybe. Im a christian and they frown on abortion So religion has a lot to do with it. Dunno about other countries though thats what it is like in Australia.



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