Abortion with a needle?

Abortion with a needle?

Abortion with a needle?


No she poerced the placenta (if the girl was lucky that's all she pierced) and they went into labor to expell the fetus. Knitting needles and wire coat hangers, more so than sewing needles (way too short) were popular.



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Where do liberals draw the line on late term abortion, one, two, three years after birth?
It is murder after the baby is born.. There is no such thing as aborting a one, two or three year old. (Well maybe for trolls.) 5th month abortions are too late, unless the mother's life is in danger.. The first trimester is plenty of time and abortions should be restricted to that time frame...

How fast can i get pregnant after an abortion?
Rena not jumping to right wing Christian conclusions there at all. You are very likely to get pregnant quickly after an abortion... I am assuming it was an abortion because you didn't want the pregnancy...bad translation can mean abortion means the same as miscarriage. Micarriage and abortion...

Is "The Abortion" by Anne Sexton a confessional poem?
No. Abortion is not a confession . It may be voluntary abortion or involuntary. hence it is not a confession of guilt or any thing else.

Abortion, medical procedure??
When I had a miscarriage, I had to have a D&C...dilation and curettage. That is comparable to a first trimester abortion.... I believe that partial birth abortions have just been banned in our country, as of yesterday. Partial birth abortions are much more than a medical procedure. They often...

Why so many abortions?
I am sorry to hear about your loss. I know what you are going through I had a m/c at 16 weeks. And I needed a D&C. I never got the chance to hold my baby. I am pro choice because I can't tell someone else what is right or wrong for them. I can only control what happens in my life. Yes it is...