Abortion with a needle?

Abortion with a needle?

Abortion with a needle?


No she poerced the placenta (if the girl was lucky that's all she pierced) and they went into labor to expell the fetus. Knitting needles and wire coat hangers, more so than sewing needles (way too short) were popular.



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Surgical Abortion.. Need Help On Advice! Asap, Thank you.?
1. You're given a local anaesthetic. An early surgical abortion isn't terribly painful, but it's not painless. Most women describe it as feeling like menstrual cramps. 2. An abortion at that stage is very low-risk. In the US there are generally around 3 complications for every 100 procedures...

Yes or no question about "graphic" abortion videos/photos.?
While I find those videos and pictures intensely disturbing, I think the intention is the shock value. The hope is that people who are pro-choice will see these horrifying images and realize that these fetuses ARE babies. If people who are on the fence about the issue, or who don't care either...

DO YOU SUPPORT or oppose abortion. pros and cons.?
I wouldn't say I advocate abortion, but I do not think it should be completely banned. I think banning abortion, just like banning guns, or alcohol leads to more problems than it solves. That is the lesson we learned from prohibition. Strict restrictions on things just make people into criminals...

Does tax payer money fund abortions?
no, congress has prohibited any spending of federal money for abortions. this was done as a compromise that allows federal support of birth control as a part of family planning. Both sides of the issues have found this compromise to be acceptable as eliminating unwanted pregnancy lowers the...

17 year old pregnant getting an abortion?
dear Ty say to her:keep and love your baby:) no one regrets keeping a baby:) at least and temporary custody to a family or relatives?(when everything is well you can keep him\her without abortion)or at least give the baby up for OPEN or close adoption(even in an other country if you want to)...