Abortion with a needle?

Abortion with a needle?

Abortion with a needle?


No she poerced the placenta (if the girl was lucky that's all she pierced) and they went into labor to expell the fetus. Knitting needles and wire coat hangers, more so than sewing needles (way too short) were popular.



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Blood tests before an abortion....?
Hi, Tangerin. Abortion is surgery. That means there will be risks. One of the most common and most likely to be serious risks is hemorrhage (bleeding). It is imperative that your blood type be known, and a sample be taken before ANY type of surgery. They and you can't take the chance of you...

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OK i am not been funny but seriously people i am completely anti abortion and would never even think of doing it.....that said PEOPLE SHOULD KEEP THERE OPINION TO THEM SELVES..... the question is what is the purpose of an abortion......NOT again N~O~T what is you opinion... Abortion From Wikipedia...

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Hey, at 20 weeks I began a crampin feeling to find out it was contractions,, the second night at the hospital I went into labor, ur baby is halfway hear...my baby, didn't survive much long after birth, but he was kicking even while I had to push him out,,,yes,,, at 20 weeks I stil had to push...

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Recurrent abortion is ? 2 consecutive spontaneous abortions. Determining the cause may require extensive evaluation of both parents- some causes can be treated. (Merck) If the likely cause of recurrent pregnancy loss can be determined treatment is to be directed accordingly. In patients with...

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If you are trying to receive a Medical Abortion (aka the Abortion Pill) from a Planned Parenthood then you are just paying for the actual pills. You have to pay for the whole process and cannot skip out on details to save money like just buying the pills separately. The whole process for a...