Abortion! Who was the founder of the modern "Pro Life" and anti homosexual movement?

Abortion! Who was the founder of the modern "Pro Life" and anti homosexual movement?

Abortion! Who was the founder of the modern "Pro Life" and anti homosexual movement?


The life of the unborn is protected by the same punishment for death as a child or an adult. (Exodus 21:22-25) There's two words in the Hebrew language – one for miscarriage and one for early birth. Guess which word is used here? The word here in the Hebrew language is the word for an early birth. There is a separate Hebrew word for miscarriage. If the baby dies, life is to be taken for life. The Bible's saying that the same punishment as would come upon somebody who killed an adult would come upon somebody who killed a child.


I think you're confused. People are opposed to abortion because they believe that the innocent life in the womb is human from the moment of conception and therefore entitled, under the aura of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution (as well as most religions' teachings) to the same right to life that the rest of us enjoy. Everyone dies. To claim that abortion "saves" lives because they are snuffed out before birth is ridiculous.


Everything kills.


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