Abortion questions for sociology class?

Abortion questions for sociology class?

Abortion questions for sociology class?


1) Yes- if she were to do the same thing to a child 3 months out of the womb it would be child abuse and if the child died it would be murder. If the man does, it is murder. 2) If she has the baby and he does not pay child support, he looses rights to see the child. As for the other argument, there are double standards like that all over society. This one just happens to be in regards to women.


It's murder to kill any human being. And yes, when it comes to abortion and men and women, there will always be a double standard. If the woman wants an abortion, its not murder, but if the man harms the baby inutero, he will go to jail.


What people do to or with their own body is their own business. If I chose to cut off my foot I can because it is part of my body.. same with an embryo that is an extension of the woman's body.


Practice safe sex. Abortion is murder! "Thou shall not kill." No buts or exceptions attached. Peace.



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