Abortion question: are birth defects evident before 20 weeks of pregnancy?

Abortion question: are birth defects evident before 20 weeks of pregnancy?

Abortion question: are birth defects evident before 20 weeks of pregnancy?


Less than 20% of all abortions are for birth defects or other medical reasons.


Some. And sometimes doctors predict birth defects when there are none. Consider, aborting a fetus simply because it's mentally or physically disabled...means you think that someone who is mentally or physically disabled is less worthy of life than someone who is not. Do you? Do you have friends with mental or physical handicaps, and tell them you would have aborted them because they have a disability?


I had an amniocentesis at 16 weeks. That was 21 years ago. I'm sure the technology has come a long way.


Are laziness and being a constant whiner birth defects?


You can get initial genetic testing between the 11th and 13th weeks.


I fully support abortion on demand for all liberal women, even if the kid is 30 years old.


rep. franks bill does not include exceptions for rape and incest



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