Abortion protestors, a little extreme?

Abortion protestors, a little extreme?

Abortion protestors, a little extreme?


I don't really think that abortion is that TERRIBLE HORRIBLE or that it is murder. It is stopping what would have been a life, so technically it is, but it's usually for the best and it's not as disgusting and evil as these anti-abortionists make it seem. I really wish people would choose to have their child and have it adopted (when I'm older I plan to adopt kids in order to support people doing that, instead of holding up signs, which doesn't seem to change anything), but that's not the way it is sometimes because sometimes teenagers can't or won't tell their parents about their pregnancy. If they made abortion illegal, girls and women would try to get often deadly illegal abortions, resulting in the death of two people instead of one. What if small children see those gruesome signs? They might not know what abortion is and if they see people holding up pictures of dead people what are they going to think?


I think the pics of dead babies and body parts are for the people who say that it isn't murder because it isn't a baby. Truth is, it is a baby with legs and arms and body parts. They just want people to see the truth. Just like partial birth abortions. Alot of people don't know what those really are. The deliver the baby breech still alive, then jab something to sever the brain stem through the back of the neck to KILL the baby. Its horrible and it is murder. They should show these pics. People should know the truth.


They're abortion protesters, so they're doing what an abortion protester would do. The pictures are ugly and graphic because they want the pictures to affect you. If they were pleasant, people might think abortion isn't such a bad thing, and that isn't what they want. They want you to think its horrible. And while we don't want our kids seeing stuff like that, if it should happen, you use the situation as a teaching moment. You talk to your kid about the situation in terms they can understand. Personally, I don't think they went too far. Too far, for me, is when they attack pregnant women and doctors and people who work in abortion clinics, and when they (the right-to-lifers) actually take a life to promote their cause.


that is very extreme. i don't see how they are getting their point across unless they are actually protesting somewhere that LAW MAKERS are at. holding up a sign is not going to change any ones mind about having an abortion. people know what it is and they still do it anyway. if these people wanted to make a real difference instead of just drama they would go and protest on the steps of the white house NOT on some street corner. and you are very right. inappropriate to have pictures like this or even discussions like this where small (impressionable) children can see it.


I totally hate the way people use freedom of speech to try an impose their views, I support the right to chose what a woman can do with her body, and if my son was with me and saw that I probably would of beat them with their sign!


Because people who are anti abortionists ARE extreme. They don't understand what would seriously happen if abortion was outlawed and all they care about it that they THINK they're right and everyone who disagrees is wrong. So basically they're trying to force you to join their "team" by shoving grusome pictures in your face. If kids can't even get into rated R movies by themselves then why the hell is it okay for someone to do that on a public sidewalk?!? I totally agree with you.


Hey, Im against it but I dont think Im gonna go out and cause a riot. I would just advise people not to, but its their choice. - And then again kids see worse on T.V. and on the news. --- But I do agree with you, that does not make it any better... They should be a little more organized and not look so gruesome.... But its the sad truth --- it is what it is.


thats sick. they r sick. its almost as if they enjoy it. i was at a fourth of july parade with my son when a lady handed me an anti-abortion pamphlet with a dead baby on the cover. i shoved it at her and told her to shove it up her azz


I agree with you. I don't think its anyone's business, and I appreciate the ideal of free speech, but I disagree with bloody signs and threats of going to hell as scare tactics for these poor girls who are doing what they feel they need to do.



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