Abortion Prostitution hypocrisy?

Abortion Prostitution hypocrisy?

Abortion Prostitution hypocrisy?


I agree completely. I support legalizing prostitution and drugs. I don't believe the government should have a right to tell adults what they can do with their bodies. I'm very happy the Supreme Court finally struck down those stupid sodomy laws.


Yes, wen you put it that way, you're probably right. However, prostotution will never be nationally legal because of the fact that this country is largely run by Christians, and because of the fact that it can be considered a form of slavery. It's also separate because it's not a law about having sex. It's a law against getting paid for it. It is a form of selling one's body.


There is no logical reason to criminalize prostitution. When women marry, they trade sex for love and security. How is that different from trading sex for money? Got a moral problem? Didn't Christ tell his followers to accept Mary Magdalene? That's more of an endorsement than he gave marriage.


Honestly I think prostitution should be legal as long as the prostitute is over the age of 18. On the other hand I'm against abortion (except in the case of rape victims). I'm just a weird person I guess.


Apples and oranges mate. One has absolutely nothing to do with the other. And she does have a say. She has a choice as to which john to have sex with. She has a right to turn someone down. What does hypocratic mean? Hypocritical is what I think you were looking for. :)


Well, personally I think prostitution should be legalized and regulated. So yeah.


Logical Fallacy: 'Complex Question' (Tying) unrelated points are treated as if they should be accepted or rejected together. In fact, each point should be accepted or rejected on its own merits.


You make a good point. However, feminists have "unique" legal vision and for them it is easy for them to believe that it is OK for a woman to be sexually active, and it is OK for her to abort on demand. Feminists also believe that the father should have no say in the abortion by *must* pay child support. Feminist logic is truly unique.


Since I'm a Civil Libertarian, I don't believe in any of these stupid morality laws.



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