Abortion: pro-choice arguments?

Abortion: pro-choice arguments?

Abortion: pro-choice arguments?


Reasons: Lack of money Mother is too young (the youngest mother was 5yrs old, so don't say age doesn't matter) Lack of knowledge Lack of resources Lack of interest in being a parent Lack of support Rape Already have plans for future Health issues for the mother Health issues for the fetus A 'mother' is allowed to choose that because she alone knows if she can do an adequate job of it, she alone knows her own mental state, state of health, only she knows if she has or will have the monetary means to care for it, only she knows how it will effect her relationship, only she knows if another child will take away from her other children and only she knows if she will love it or resent it. Added to all that it is her body, no woman is an incubator - forced motherhood is slavery. It is entirely possible to have an abortion and not feel guilt because you knew it was the right thing to do. ImNotSorry.net ~Pro-Choice Momma- Have had an abortion and I have a 10 month old daughter . I believe in protecting my daughter's choice. Abortion: There is a Consensus http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hsSQiazUv... Ps - The life of a fetus cannot be separated from the life of the pregnant woman. This is unique in medicine and law. No one can create a set of medical principles or legal principles giving a right to life to the fetus, because by doing so, inevitably the woman's rights become limited.


I find abortion morally wrong...however I also believe in separation of church and state. That means, that unless you come up with a SECULAR reason why the government has a vested interest in stopping abortion you are advocating a single religion. The only way to do that is to define an embryo as a human being. That means, effectively that any woman who can be pregnant is committing murder if she takes risky behavior that leads to a miscarriage which effectively makes them slaves.


1) Then protect it using birth control 2) Then don't get pregnant 3) Then this person is not mentally matured enough to have sex.



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I have no problem with people aborting pregnancies, I do have a problem with people slaughtering babies. This is not the same as abortions, if it were, then god would be the biggest slaughter of babies as two out of every three pregnancies are naturally aborted.

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That is so dangerous, no way. Think about it, the pills are designed to kill the growing baby--that is not safe to be in your body. Many women who have abortions, even from pills, suffer much regret and pain and emptiness. Pregnancy and child rearing are not easy but are always better than...

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Get the abortion pill from your doctor or a clinic. You have to take the pill at the clinic, but the termination happens at home. Any methods of 'do it yourself' abortion you may have heard of are unsafe and unreliable. Consult medical professionals.

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I wouldnt get her to get an abortion because thats killing an innocent baby. I would more like talk her into getting it put into adoption. There are lots of young people who can't have kids that would love to have a child of their own. thats my advice for you. ps...pregnant myself and i do...

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There are 3 types of abortions which are vaccum, medicial, and surgical.Abortions are like $300-$800 to get one. you can get charity care at the hospital when you get an abortion which is free for people who can't afford to pay.