Abortion Presentation?

Abortion Presentation?

Abortion Presentation?


abortion is a very difficult choice for a woman! and the choice should be made by a woman and her doctor and not politicians of the state or the federal government. all educated women know that an abortion is the killing of an innocent life. life is not painted in black and white because we are not perfect, we are human beings made of flesh and blood and we make mistakes. and sometimes the mistake is the unintended creation of a human life.a women should never be forced to carry a child she didn't want to bring into this world. pregnancy is exceptionally hard on a woman and her body, it's funny to say this for a man, but if men could get pregnant and know first hand what a woman goes through in a day. i don't think there would be any population problems. a good man has respect for a woman's body and takes precautions not to get her pregnant. but the responsibility does not rest with the man alone it must be a joint effort for both partners man and woman to practice contraception. you should not bring into this world a life that cannot support itself! baby's that are born like me with sickness like asthma and down syndrome should not be allowed to live. i would tell any woman carrying a child that is going to be born with down syndrome or mental retardation. THINK OF HIM FIRST! how is he going to live in this world after you die! is there going to be someone there to care for him for the rest of his natural life. and what kind of life will that be? mothers i implore you don't bring any children into this world that cant take care of themselves!!



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my views on abortion: I've done multiple college research and debate papers on this topic, and interviewed PhD medical professionals on this: it's an important medical procedure I feel there is NOTHING wrong with it no matter what the situation. It's obviously a last choice option, which happens...

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Abortion is murder, plain and simple. This is not an economic issue as some would like to make it out to be--example: cost of abortion vs cost of supporting a kid in welfare or I can't afford to have a kid--give me a break! We as Americans and as humans (and a human is what we'll be after conception...

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You could try calling plan parenthood. I'm sure they have information... without having to look at the images.

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Its really funny you ask this as I was thinking about it over the weekend! I have the same views as you I am pro-choice however I believe abortion at 24 weeks is murder! The process is barbaric and inhumane and I defy anybody to argue against this: http://fastidious.files.wordpress.com/20...