Abortion political cartoons?!?!?!?

Abortion political cartoons?!?!?!?

Abortion political cartoons?!?!?!?



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If i use my medicare cardfor paying the abortion fees, is it gonna show on my medical records? ?
What Heather said, though even if Medicare did cover abortions it'd be tough to justify you getting once since you're a 20 year old guy from New Jersey. TROLL

Why do I see a lot of odd Western Pennsylvania/Pittsburgh references on this board?
LOL raising my hand, but I don't recall referencing my Pittsburgh/Latrobe ties. _()_

Bleeding after medical abortion?
10 weeks sounds like an awfully long time to still have bleeding and cramping. Did you take antibiotics after the procedure? Have you had a follow-up appointment? My post abortion bleeding only lasted about 2 1/2 weeks. Perhaps you should make another appointment to make sure that all of the...

Abortion using vitamin C?
The main thing a super massive dose of vitamin c might do to you is have you running to the bathroom. If you need a termination for whatever valid ethical reason extreme poverty being under age having no family support being a victim of rape or incest having an inheritable genetic disorder...

Is a wired coat hanger good for abortions?
No, use a vacuum cleaner or a flight of stairs.