Abortion Pill at plan parenthood?

Abortion Pill at plan parenthood?

Abortion Pill at plan parenthood?


No she cannot get them without at least one parental consent. Planned Parenthood would be the place to get them but she needs at least one parent to consent to it. http://parentingteens.about.com/od/teenp... **Edit: Technically the judicial bypass isn't free either.


dear JustJoshinLol if you know a person who wants to abort say to her:at least and temporary custody to a family or relatives?(when everything is well you can keep him\her without abortion)or at least give the baby up for OPEN or close adoption(even in an other country if you want to)....cause adoption or custody so life is better than abortion.. adopting parents may pay everything in pregnancy!” then there's also open adoption so you can follow your child growing up :) love and life are sacrifices but they're better than abortion! so please the most important thing is:not abort,then I suggest keeping him\her and you see “THANKS”in his\her smile because you didn’t abort him\her despite your difficulties! then adoption or custody is better than abortion that doesn't let the baby live and hurts you too



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I oppose the pro-life movement because their morality exists in a vacuum. The best modern example pro-choicers have is the Romanian dictatorship under Nicolae Ceausescu- when he legislated against abortion, motherhood and infant mortality rates skyrocketed. Countries with the lowest rates of...

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These passages say that life starts from conception, and therefore abortion is murder: For you created my inmost being- you knit me together in my mother's womb.Psalm 139:13 Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart. Jeremiah 1:5 This one says that the...

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Oh hunny, the reason why you're feeling pain is because you were coerced in to having an abortion, you hadn't fully arrived at the decision for yourself, your parents made it for you. My mum went through the same thing and she still feels bad about it from time to time now, so yes it is normal...

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Well, what do you think? Some people will say abortion is NEVER morally permissible, some say it is when the mother's life is in danger, some say it is in the case of rape or incest, some say it is if you got drunk and knocked up a dirty slut, some say it ALWAYS is. There really isn't a *right*...

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(Disclosure: I (passively) support the pro-choice side, which may colour my argument.) I'll take a look at it and present a review here. I'll be primarily looking at quantity of discussion for each side—a more thorough review of the qualities of the arguments would be a lot of work. I'm assuming...