Abortion - Mens rights!?

Abortion - Mens rights!?

Abortion - Mens rights!?


Contact an abortion alternative center. They can probably hook you and your girlfriend up with some counseling, most likely even for free. I think it's wrong that just because the baby is in the womans body she has all the say. I don't support abortion in any way shape or form (as there are many), but it's awful that men can't even have a say. There are alot of counseling services for the fathers of aborted babies. You never know, this could be something that your girlfriend regrets. You should both seek counseling and learn about what happens in different types of abortions so that in the future you can make an informed decision.


I certainly think that when a woman is considering an abortion she should consult the father of the child. I'm sure there are a lot of men who feel the same way, but maybe she felt you wanted it gone. Maybe you should've spoke up about it more then, who knows? Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about it now. The best thing to do is let go of the resentment, or decide for yourself whether or not that's something you really want to bring up with her.


Well this is a good example of how it affects men. So often we focus on the woman, her right, her pain etc. forgetting that there are men involved who are hurt by this. I was at the pro-life march this year in DC and for the first time they had men carrying signs that said "I regret my loss of fatherhood." You are grieving and most likely need counseling. Have you discussed this with your girlfriend? Maybe she feels sorry for having an abortion too. Explain to her how you feel, and that the resentment is eating away at you. Believe me the resentment will eventually take its toll on your relationship. Have you discussed marriage and children? Perhaps it's time to make that commitment... Whatever, take the time to get some help. You need someone to talk to about this.


I'm so sorry to hear. I agree with the people that say fathers should have a say when it comes to abortion. I don't believe in the "it's her body" foolishness. Half of your DNA was in that woman's body and you wanted to have this baby. It's really sad. I think the two of you should seek family counseling-together. Sometimes an abortion is more than just she "exercising her right to chose" It is a possibility that the child was not yours. Now I don't want you to go accusing her of cheating. It's just that I have heard cases like this-from the woman's perspective. The guy expressed his desire to keep the child and because she had a one night thing and doubt the baby is for the current boyfriend/husband she aborts it. Forgive her, and as I said before, seek counseling.


Sorry honey. The deed is done and unless we develop some sort of fake uterus that can help fetuses survive outside the mothers womb her choice is the final word in the matter. I feel badly for you though and you do have my sympathy. If you really love her and want to be with her I'd suggest that you should go to a councillor or therapist who can help you get over the resentment and anger.


This is one of the complications that arises from abortions being available. It sounds like it was one-sided to begin with and was selfish on her part All woulda/coulda/shoulda's aside though, the damage is done, and getting angry or upset about it now would not help matters anymore. All you can do now is learn from your mistake and realize that kids are a consequence of sexual activity. If you can't accept that responsibility than you shouldn't be having sex.


men have no rights over the unborn baby, even the baby doesn't have any rights. it must be so hard for you to have lost your baby, i know how it feels and i think people forget the man in a situation like yours. i think you should see a councillor or psychologist, you dont want your past to get in the way of your future and you may need help moving on or it will eat away at you. i wish you all the best with your future


Sounds like you could use some counseling to deal with this. You have suffered a loss. You are right that society focuses on the feelings of the woman and "her body".


i just have to ask why she did not consult you about her wanting and having an abortion? does she acknowlege the damage and hurt she has caused you by not consulting you.? your resentment will have to be resolved to move forward happily in your life, 4 yrs is a while to be still carrying betrayal and a difficult thing to get over. talk to someone about it so your feelings can be acknowledged and respected then you can moved forward in a positive manner.



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