Abortion is NEVER an option, it is ALWAYS muder,would you agree?

Abortion is NEVER an option, it is ALWAYS muder,would you agree?

Abortion is NEVER an option, it is ALWAYS muder,would you agree?


Look at all these posts within a minute or two... this is really a high charged debate. I look at my daughters and they are beautiful human beings who have such amazing potential, and they will both do great things in their lives. I am truly grateful for having them in my life. Abortion is no substitute for birth control. I mean, I remember girls back in university that were always pregnant and then getting abortions like they were going in to get their hair done or something. It came to the point where I just didn't talk to them anymore. To me it was disgusting. Go on the pill already! It is good to see a guy offering an opinion on abortion. One doesn't see that kind of thing much. Most guys don't want to pay the child support so they are in favour of abortion. What do they care? They're not attached to the baby. But I'm wondering- did your wife or girlfriend have an abortion and not tell you? Why are you so visibly upset about this? I'm just wondering. I agree with Laura H that there should be some support for mothers who feel they cannot have the baby for economic reasons or the like. It is a myth that there is no help out there. Anyway, it is interesting and someone should tally up the yes's and no's on this question to see which wins.


I think that if a woman decides this is her body and a man doesn't have a choice, then a man shouldn't have to be made to pay child support if the woman wants the child and he doesn't. Remember it's her body not his. If he is forced to pay child support during the time the baby is alive, why isn't she made to have the baby and allow him to have all rights. Though I don't agree with men walking out on their women, I do not agree with a man not saying he wants to keep the child. Abortion is a different circumstance, because she wants to keep the baby and he doesn't. So no child support should be paid. I do not believe in abortion as a form of birth control because a man or woman doesn't like the feel of condoms, or took that chance. Also, I think the abortion will be a debate for a very long time and people have their opinions on the issue. While I think that anything with a heartbeat is living, and could not do it myself, the fact is abortion is legal. I do think women and the system needs to re-evaluate their way of thinking and if abortion are allowed without the mans consent, so should abortions be prevented if he wants to keep her. I am a woman myself, but I fail to see the logicality of "it is a womans body so her choice". It was not a mans body who made the baby in that sense, so why should he pay child support? Just some thought to chew on.


I agree. Abortion stops a life that was just begining. Obviously stopping a life is the same as killing. So what the baby doesn't breath on it's own. I've had friends that gave birth to premature babies. Should they have been allowed to kill them? After all, their bodies weren't functioning on their own, they were functioning with the help of a machine. Oh, and for all these people screaming abotu the rape victims, what happened to the morning after pill? Why not used that instead of waiting three months later? Better yet, did you know that abortions due to rape is only like 3 or 4%. The percent of total rape/incest/ death or harm to the mother equals 7%. What about the other 93% of abortions that take place?


I agree with you. People shouldn't use it as birth control. In this day and age with the birth control out there available there's almost no reason to ever have an unwanted pregnancy. If you have an abortion for most people it is a very hard thing to live with and you live with it the rest of your life. It would also be very hard to carry the baby and give it up for adoption but at least you know if you do that you are giving the baby a chance and you are making someone happier than you could ever imagine. I know because I'm childless and waiting to adopt. People who have the choice of having children will never know what it's like to not have that choice. Sometimes God uses you to give his most precious gift to someone else. Let's not judge each other and just everyone try to do what's in our hearts.


First off it's very easy for YOU to state that because you are a man. Maybe if it could happen to you yourself you'd think differently but, we'll never know... Second, this is America if we take the choice away from the woman we'd be no better than those third world countries that demand that their women be treated like animals... I am a mother of 2 and am glad I have the choice. I feel for the "father" of the unborn but if he were willing to be there for the mother I don't think she'd make the choice... my best friend was in that situation and she married the father and had the baby. But, most run away...the woman can not. It would be far worse for the child should she bring into this world and it be mistreated in some form or another. What a horrible life you forced it to have... We now have Day After pills that can help in cases of rape, one night stands, or whatever so maybe there will be less babies aborted for those reasons. As for other reasons why women abort well I am pretty sure it's never an easy decision for them to make. I've often said if society did not "look down on unwed mother" or make it so difficult to live as a single mother there would be less abortions too. Plus if you noticed in cases of pregnant teens there is usually something missing from their lives that make them think a baby will solve. We as parents need to step up and be PARENTS nurture are children just don't have them and pass them off to other relatives to raise, ignore them etc. You can't just prove your point on scientific facts. You have to take the individual woman into the equation.


Please, for the sake of all older and younger children. If you strongly feel there should be no choice, then post everywhere and anywhere how young individuals can be safe from pregnancy. Have them able to get the protection they need, tell them about Planned Parenthood programs and alike. Make sure that anyone that is of age and is interested or even thinking about having sex have the option of protection. The phones numbers should be readily available, should be confidential and posted everywhere. If you want to help a big problem, become a solver. Good luck and your meanings are well thought out!


Well if to say, a girl was raped and got pregant but she didn't want his baby, then it would be kinda for a right reason but yeah, its still murder. I think thats the only time when a girl would want to have an abortion. Other than that, abortion is not good. It is murder but its legal. I hate abortions! By the way: that picture was NASTY


I am sixteen and pregnant with twins. The moment I found out I was pregnant, I knew that I couldn't abort my children. I am not saying that abortion is wrong in every circumstance, because it's not! In some situations - for example, if the child is conceived through rape or incest, if the pregnancy would be harmful to either the mother or child's health, etc... Abortion was just not the right choice for me personally, but I think in some situations it's okay. You are a man. You are unable to become pregnant. You will never be in my situation - you will never have to make that choice. But let's say you are pregnant, young, alone... suddenly you might think that abortion can be okay sometimes, huh?


Of course, everything you say is untrue. Abortion is always an option and has always been an option. Abortion saves lives because each time a pro lifer attempts to stop an abortion he expends valuable resources that could be used to save a fully developed child. Each year pro lifers are responsible for the death of millions of living and breathing children and adults. Each time a million dollars is spent on pro life web pages, meetings and other wasteful activities, another 1000 children and adults are targeted for death. Each fetus "saved" causes the death of 5 loved and wanted children. Pro life is pro death. Supporting pro life is the same as supporting rape. When a pro lifer demands that a fetus of a rapist be saved, then he is supporting and rewarding the rapist. On the other hand, when a fetus is removed there is no death. It is God that uses aborttion every day in the form of miscarriage. If abortion is murder, then God must be a murderer.



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