Abortion Information?

Abortion Information?

Abortion Information?


yes you can ( I think) here is a advice page (British) www.bpas.org/bpaswoman/abortion? and contact your gp as you need to have reason for it



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Why do liberals/Democrats support abortion?
We don't support abortion, we support choice. Fetuses cannot feel pain and are not sentient, sapient, or conscious. They do not have emotions, thoughts, judgment, or any uniquely human traits. Why should they have rights, and why should these rights be held above the right of the woman to her...

Threatened abortion?
First, I'm so sorry. I spent almost 2 weeks on bedrest at a12 weeks because of one instance of heavy bleeding and clotting that lasted a week 1/2 after that (though it was brown ((old blood))). I looked up this information for you. I don't have any advice-but I am now at 17wks1day... it sounds...

How can anyone challenge AZ's immigration law as it's not even in effect yet?
The challenges claim that the law is facially unconstitutional. Ripeness is not an issue for facial challenges if the plaintiff can establish that there is no possible interpretation or enforcement of the law that could be constitutionally valid. Ripeness is an issue for people who are not...

Free abortion services?- not for self LA, CAlifornia?
You will not find aid for poor females for abortions. It's just not out there. Taxes are not paid to support Abortion clinics. I'm not having a piss either, I'm pro-choice. I'm just saying people would be going ape **** if they knew their taxes were going towards that. Anyway I don't know what...

Abortion clinics in the oak lawn chicago area?
Your name is Joe...I am guessing you are wanting to take a girlfriend there? Please have her call 1800395HELP and/or visit pregnancycenters.org -- and, too, watch the video below. You need to be informed. You might be scared, since you are wanting it done THIS weekend, but sincerely, you need...