No..but if there is anything wrong during abortion then it could be possible but don't worry..if u wanna preg. check with doctors before having a baby


In rare cases, if the procedure was done wrong. Otherwise, highly unlikely.


Only if it was horribly botched. The risk is minimal but it is possible.



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How much is an abortion in australia?
The laws about abortion differ from state to state in Australia. Where is your sister? http://www.abortionaustralia.com/ This should give you guys options for all 8 states in Australia. This is how it is in the US at a Planned Parenthood, it will probably be very similar . . . You have the...

If states in Australia have different Abortion laws to each other?
I live in Australia. Abortion is legal in every state, but yes, the power of the abortion law falls under the states rule...and it is written into the constitution (federal), that abortion is a right. For the states to change the consitution, it would then become a federal issue and a referendum...

If abortion were legal in 1946, would Bill Clinton have ever been president?
Just because abortion is now a legal option in all 50 states, doesn't mean that it wasn't available at all before 1973. Abortion originally became illegal because it was being done by midwives on poor working-class women in unsanitary conditions where they often died because of infections...

Why do people continue to perpetuate myths about "teens these days" which aren't even true?
teen pregnancy has raised, youth crime has raised, youth alcohol abuse has raised Actually yes they have raised. Why? Lack of discipline and instilling of self control on the parents' part. Many parents want to treat their teens like adults when in fact they are still immature in many...

When u have an oral abortion do u usually have 2 stay in hospital for any period of time after u take 1st pill?
No not usually. You take the first Pill then go home and then you go back and take the second Pill. You'll likely have bleeding, but you won't usually be required to stay in hospital. I sincerely hope you have thought about what you are doing.