Abortion in Texas!!?

Abortion in Texas!!?

Abortion in Texas!!?


If you don't want to hear it then don't post your question in this section. Why don't you call around and find out yourself. Nobody here will really want to help you. The cost is your unborn child's life. So if you can live with that then go right ahead. I would read up on other options before making a final decision.


Please, don't kill the child within you. S/he is already alive and if you have an abortion s/he will have a painful death. You might even become infertile if you decide to have an abortion. I had my son at 17 and despite what everyone else told me to do I have no regrets. If you don't feel ready to become a mother please give your baby up for adoption. It will be the best thing that you could ever do for you child. You will feel better about yourself and you will have no regrets down the road. PERIOD.


At Planned Parenthood they charge $500 for the medical abortion (non-surgical, non-invasive one) the cost goes up slightly after that but should not be more than about $600. Planned Parenthood also has a website that will give you a lot more information and has an FAQ section.


It will probably cost 500 as a baseline, and more if you want IV sedation, or need RH injections. Planned Parenthood can help you. I don't know if you have a livejournal, but LJ has a lot of helpful communities, and someone on them probably lives near you and can give you a better estimate. Good luck!


You or whomever is pregnant needs to call the clinic because each is different. Some will require you to come in for the first visit to view the ultrasound and go over your choices (the law) and then come back a second time to actually have the abortion. This is to weed out all candidates who may potentially decide to keep the baby.


In case you havent noticed the people in this section are either trying to get pregnant or are currently pregnant. I wish you would reconsider. Cost=innocent life and regret


Never had an abortion in texas. Im in Ohio.. and still never had an abortion. You need to call a clinic. I will pray for your unborn baby.


Actually,abortion should NOT be in this section. Women that come here are looking for ways to continue their pregnancies healthily. This question should be in the murder section. Get out of this section with those baby killer questions. 99.9% of the women here are pregnant or have children,do you honestly think that we want to think about another potential mother murdering their innocent child? Well,I can't speak for everyone else,but I sure as hell don't. The only cost that matters is your child's life. You're a selfish,inconsiderate being.


people don't hate you on here ,they are just hurt that you'd ask that question on a page where women are frustrated about trying to conceive or excited about their pregnancy... Your doctor or insurance company can prolly give you some estimated costs.


I don't think there is one set price per state. It depends on the abortion clinic. *You mean you don't WANT to hear that abortion is wrong because you know it's true. Poor baby. I would think a parent wouldn't be so cruel as to kill their own child.



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