Abortion illegal in Ireland?

Abortion illegal in Ireland?

Abortion illegal in Ireland?


I think it is great, that abortion is illegal in Ireland. While all the talk of back alley abortions in the U.S. prior to 1973 is true, not all the pregnancies occurred because of rape or incest. Pregnancies also occurred because of people lusting for sex yet, not wanting to take responsibility. Not only that, the point of sex is procreation and, that pregnancy could still occur despite being on BC(my mother was on the Pill when she got pregnant with me). But that, either keeping the baby or, putting it up for adoption is responsible. Getting an abortion is not responsible. Abortion is too easy to obtain. Lots of women/girls(and men/boys too) stupidly think it is a form of birth control. An abortion won't keep a woman/girl from getting pregnant. I was never shown any of the horrific videos in school(I wish they had shown them). But I have seen several videos about abortion on YouTube that are just as horrific. I am extremely glad they are horrific. Because abortion is awful. It is an abomination that, while people cringe(and are horrified) when they hear that someone has been murdered in the prime of their life by a criminal, they have no problem killing an unborn baby. They are absolute hypocrites.


Well this is a very controversial question, so be prepared for every kind of answer. But to be simple, yes I agree with you. I know that here in the US when abortions were illegal there were ones done anyway that were dangerous to the woman. No matter pro-life or pro-choice, abortions should be an option to women because it's simply their decision and no one elses :)


Oh my god I can believe they show videos of that to kids... While... in the United States it's a very controversial thing. In some states it's legal, while in others it's not. I personally think that those who absolutely need abortions should be able to get them. However, it is unfortunate because there are many careless people out there who misuse that.


Abortion is horrible and it is taking a life that God gave you away!! and you never know if that child could have become a great person but you chose to kill him/her! which wrong because your parents never killed you when the learn-ed you where coming to this world... it is quite an emotional question depending on the situation the future parents to be are. i'm totally against abortion and i hope it does not exist in my society or our world anymore!!!!!!!!!!!


Abortion is wrong, its killing a life. Looks like the Irish have the right idea.


I'm proud to be Irish now. What if that baby was going to grow up and discover the cure-all for AIDS, cancer, HIV...? When God puts a life on earth He doesn't want to see something kill it. Yes, He will use it, but just let Him do the taking.



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