Abortion, Good or Bad?

Abortion, Good or Bad?

Abortion, Good or Bad?


There is only one correct answer to your question. God gives life and God takes life . There is a time to be "born" and and time to "die" so how can a person die before being born? Abortion is MURDER! And a baby is a baby, not a fetus that feels no pain and they suffer the pains of being aborted right from the beginning, egg and all because it is attached to the mothers insides. There is pain because it is a living soul. Let me tell you years ago, a friend who was a nurse told me when the doctor did the abortions she wanted to take the container with the body of the dimantled baby in it to the mother and say, "Here, this is your baby." So anyone who breaths have life and will feel pain, dogs and all.


Abortion isnt going to make a woman forget she has been raped, abortion will be another trauma. If you believe that the unborn child is a life then how can you justify intentionally killing it in any circumstance? What about people who are alive today because of rape? Are their lives less worthy than others? I also think governments (in Uk anyway) promote abortion as it saves them having to give benefits, housing etc to single parents. There are about 180,000 abortions per year in England and Wales. If even half of those would have been single parents if theyd had their children then the government would probably spend millions over the years in benefits. People see abortion as left wing but i think its very suited to capitalism.


You don't have to give me any facts, they've all been said, your jumping into the middle. Anyone who's cared has had their peace to say, you young people are just catching up. Abortion doesn't have to be compared with dog fighting or anything else with me. I am against anything that takes the life of a baby and, in my conviction, a baby is described as a fetus that can been seen as life, within weeks old. I've tried to understand some States and there theories of a rape victim: a girl raped and given a chance for an abortion, this is something of another caliber, something that's beside the point and it's not a hypocritical question for those that want an argument. It's for those that are impregnated within a few hours and given a pill to terminate any pregnancy, there no fetus only an egg that hasn't taken hold. In this case the girl is the victim and shouldn't have to suffer and have a baby to remind her of the horror she went through, a baby that is now unwanted. Better to get rid of the egg fast. Other then this, for an abortion for a stupid girl and bot, that haven't taken measures to stop this, the answer is "no" there are people that can have the unwanted baby.


In this day and age of excellent birth control I see no reason for abortion except in extreme circumstances, very young, 12, 13, 14, rape, defects, and to save the mother's life. It should not be used for birth control. It should not be illegal. Most young women today don't wait for marriage. Sex is a casual part of a date. I guess birth control should be free. If abortion is banned and birth control is expensive then we will be over run again with young uneducated single mothers trying to support their kids waitressing and working in other min. wage jobs. Or a lifetime of welfare. Just like the 50s, 60s and 70s. I am 62 and I remember those times.


Just because one believes that abortion is "wrong," neither this stance nor its resulting actions will eliminate abortion. Abortion has occurred throughout much of human history (1). Banning it will not lead to less abortions, but more back-alley, dangerous operations which put women at risk. To give an analogy, if garbage is "bad" because it harms our environment, we can not simply remove garbage cans. This will just cause more littering. We have to prevent the garbage formation. Likewise, the best way to tackle abortion is with proper education on protective sex. While a few religious folks may dream of a world where they can prevent abortions and premarital sex, reality is different and their utopia will never exist. Also, to simply say abortion is "good or bad" is narrow-sighted. The answers depend on your moral and cultural upbringing, which vary from one person to another. A pregnant mother of five starving kids in a war-torn and AIDS-ravaged region of Africa may have every right for an abortion, to spare her unborn's likely miserable life. A prostitute who gets pregnant from unprotected sex should probably be less entitled to the same option. Ultimately, lawmakers can not look at situations case by case, so the option for abortion should be made available.


Read the book "Freakonomics". It covers this question. I agree with the author's conclusion: Abortion led to the sharp drop in crime rate in the early and mid nineties. Why? Because people were no longer having 'at-risk' kids (poor, indifferent parents etc.) and there weren't people yet institutionalized on welfare because of the children they shouldn't have had. If people want to force someone to have a child that they cannot support, for whatever reason, they need to help out until they are 18! Disclaimer: this is not to say that abortion should be the 'other' birth control.


I have very mixed feelings about abortion. As a woman, I certainly don't want anyone forcing me to have a baby if I don't want one. As a Libertarian, I don't believe you can legislate morality. BUT - it *is* killing an innocent baby. Say whatever you must about it not being a baby, but wtf else do those cells have a chance of turning into? Nothing. However, unless and until we find a way to hold men as 100% accountable for a baby as the woman is, I have to support it. However, I also feel it has been twisted into yet another way for Americans to avoid any responsibility for their actions. If it was up to me, deadbeat dads would have a giant tattoo on their faces, informing the world what loser jerks they are.


I think that no matter what it is a woman's right to choose. Personally I hope I am never in the position that I might have to think about it, but I have the utmost sympathy for anyone who is, and I know friends who have gone through with a termination - and its not an easy choice to make. People who continue to condemn those who do decide to go through with it need to have a little more consideration for the pain that they are putting on people, who will have very carefully thought out their decision.


If you want to see a non biased fact, go to this link, you will see a specal by National Geographic that shows these children with new tec. in the womb. Them playing, moving, living. EVERY woman who seeks an abortion should be required to see this. Then if she still went ahead at least she whould know what see is killing. Anyone who denys this fact is a lyier. No one on the right made this up it is there for all to see. http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/ch...


I have 3 wonderful children and would NEVER EVER abort a baby! Do you know it's considered murder in the bible? I have 3 on the way! To hear that a woman would kill her own baby or babies is very appalling not to mention a horrible crime against another human being! Something that is moving and breathing doesn't deserve to die. In other words DON"T have sex!



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