Abortion funding and health care?

Abortion funding and health care?

Abortion funding and health care?


Anti-abortion politicians wanted to be absolutely sure that no federal funds were used to fund abortions. Of course, this is specifically and legally prohibited by the Hyde Amendment. What the Stupack amendment said was that abortion services could not be provided to any woman who was in the exchange and purchased PRIVATE health insurance with her OWN money. It's completely ridiculous. I guess the Republicans are all about keeping the government's hands off of health care--except in this instance of forbidding a LEGAL medical procedure.


Normally I oppose abortion but seeing all you Democrats gives me a whole new perspective, too bad you Democrats weren't aborted. I agree with future abortions if they abort the mothers too.


People who are anti-abortion do not want to pay for women go get abortions.



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If we rule out adoption and abortion, what are we left with?
First, create a society in which people feel supported and able to care for their children. Second eliminate private adoption and dispel myths about infant adoption. You do those two, and the only need for adoption will be for those TRULY unable to care for their children, or deemed "unfit"...

Women. Has anyone tried the new abortion pill?
abortion pill dose not hurt in some case those who take fell tired,vomiting and sleepy complete rest is required after taking pills.there are two types of pill one is called emergency and other is normally taken in cycles,emergency pills are taken before 72 after sex come is chemical combination...

How does Roe vs Wade cause abortions?
Roe vs Wade cause abortions? Abortion is federal protected meaning it's legal in all 50 states, however the details differs in each state. "they be disposed of or maybe used for Scientific Research to cure some illness or diseases" In my opinion, they should be used for Scientific Research...

Can i lose the baby if i took the next day pill one week after the conception?
The next day (morning after or Plan B) pill does not cause an abortion. If you are already pregnant it will not affect that in any way. In a couple of weeks you can take a pregnancy test to find out for sure.

Does any body know of any place who will help with abortion and maybe a payment plain?
You could try contacting medicaid. They help pay for the abortions. Even try contacting planned parenthood. Or even contact your local university hospital. They might have a sliding schedule. Good Luck tho. I really hope that no one acts like jerks on here.