Abortion fact or myth?

Abortion fact or myth?

Abortion fact or myth?


Sometimes (and I mean very rarely), you can have problems conceiving that could be related to past abortions. Really though, it's a COMPLETE myth that future children would be deformed or otherwise defective in any way. Even if you did have a baby with problems, those issues would NOT AT ALL be related to the fact that you'd previously had an abortion. Those are just scare tactics that people use to try to keep women from having abortions.


It is not completely myth (except for the deformed part), but it is not fact either-meaning it is not FACT that you will have trouble conceiving or that your baby might deliver prematurely, but when a group of women who have had abortions are compared to a group of women who have not, the percentage of problems conceiving and/or premature birth is higher with those that have. This is because of the artificial interruption of the pregnancy cycle, and the artificial disturbance of the cervix-potentially damaging it when they dilate it quickly and it can cause scarring, etc. which could lead to the problems you mention. COULD, not WILL. I am against abortion as well, and I am sorry that you were in that position. While I wish you had made another decision, it can not be changed now and saying hateful things to you certainly would not accomplish anything. I just hope you find peace.


You may have trouble conceiving if there is any scarring on your uterus from it. Deformity and prematurity as a result of previous abortions are entirely myth. Good luck.


If abortion is illegal and you have one you may have trouble. Anyone want the government regulating their uterus? Anyone want pregnancy forced on them and abortion on forced on them, like in Nicaragua and China? My mom was raped by stalking law enforcement in South Dakota and nearly died from a back alley butcher. In Nicaragua, a lethal tubal fetus has more right to life than the expecting women. The women will die of sepsis unless she is able to find an illegal back alley doctor who will risk his or her own future. If she dies are you going to adopt her orphans? Do women and her born children have the right to life or do feti? Without the generous life giver what would be left on earth? Do you want to be forced to adopt orphansss? In reality, 143 million orphan (orphanshope.org) children would love to be valued as much as Jesus, Mohammad, and newborns are valued. Please pray someone chooses to adopt ORPHAN children. Yes, women need and are allowed the right to full quality reproductive care of her choice. Women ARE people also. Do you want government surveillance cameras in your home watching you? Turpentine's been around for a long time. I think you'd rather have a qualified professional for your 45 year old mother and 13-30 year old daughters. Birth control pills and implants are not 100% effective, especially for the women will high metabolisms that won't allow their thyroids to shut down. If you want a choice, one or the other, allow others a choice! Stop debating our private matters and start adopting ORPHAN children.


Myth! Having an abortion will not prevent you from having a healthy pregnancy when you are ready.


No, that is something hurtful people say. If you experienced any difficulties, damage or infection from the procedure, it could make things more difficult, but other than that you can expect to have beautiful healthy bubs.


Complete myth.


myth, i too had one back then (huge mistake!) i was able to concieve and now have a happy and healthy three month old son!


MYTH. You might have a rougher pregnancy if there was any damage done, but it won't make your child deformed.



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