Abortion + Crime Rate [Freakonomics]?

Abortion + Crime Rate [Freakonomics]?

Abortion + Crime Rate [Freakonomics]?


Freakonomics didn't claim that abortion has a huge impact on the drop in the US crime rate. If I remember correctly, Freakonomics claimed that there is a strong correlation between abortion and the crime rate (which is a very different claim), and that there was at least some causal connection between the two. Of course, I don't have the book with me, so I may be wrong.


The book states a correlation, it does not says that a cause and effect situation necessarily exists. However, your supposition is even less supported. There have been no 'technological' advances that added anything to society that could have created the tide change observed. Young men do not stop breaking the law because they had some technology available to them, and it is absolutely true that the number of poor young men in the most likely to offend categories have dropped. What technology can you present that would explain that?


The thing about the abortion and crime rate is that abortion reduces the number of unwanted and/or poor children...who are precisely the ones who are most likely to turn to crime in the first place, and keep committing crimes. Poor kids are the least likely to benefit from technology, too.


Advances in technology came after terminations and access to birth control became easier. So the book is correct in its assertions.


It is obviously a gross liberal lie. Their arguments in favor of removing the benefit of the doubt for those who are about to enter into the world are weak and feeble, so they have concoct a bunch of bull crap. That is most ridiculous claim I've ever heard of in my entire life.



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