Abortion Cliniques?

Abortion Cliniques?

Abortion Cliniques?


Look in the Yellow Pages under "Abortion & Abortion Alternatives", or in the White Pages under Planned Parenthood. They can refer you if needed.


You're still in time frame for the morning after pill. And if you do have to have the abortion you're so early that sometimes they can just give you a pill or a shot. But look for a planned parent hood on the web, and if you don't go there def. do research about where you choose to go. Good luck.


if you are only 2 days late I would not worry yet. If you a week or 2 yes, then worry. Sometimes than can just give you pills if you are not far along and it would not consist of a major procedure.... This is just fact...Not my opinion...good luck.


don't feel bad i just had the medical one done last week. i went to kaiser because that who my insurance is from they took care of everything all i had to pay is my co-payment. have you tried to see if there is a plan parenthood around?



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Can abortion be used as a birth control?
well, this question alone contradicts itself. "birth control" is what is used to prevent a pregnancy (before), abortions are to terminate a pregnancy that's already happened (after). they are on opposite sides of the event, so no, technically speaking, abortion can't be considered birth control...

Age 15 can do an abortion without parents consent in oahu?
It's understandable that you are scared but abortion is not something you should do to try to hide the fact that you were having sex, it's not just hiding something from your parents- this is a baby. I can sympathize with what you are experiencing- when I was 17 I got pregnant and had an abortion...

Took the abortion pill, but I'm still having pregnancy symptoms?
How long ago did you take the abortion pill? Have you taken the second set of pills yet? It's not uncommon. You can still have the symptoms until the pregnancy hormone is out of your system. Taking the pills doesn't just automatically stop your body from producing the hormone. I'm not expert...

Can a parent force a child to have an abortion in MA?
it depends on the age of the female. usually in situations where the parent forces the child to get a abortion, its not the parent telling the doctor to do the procedure. the parents pressure the child into in, and convince them they will be on their own unless they have it done. there are...

Abortion laws in california?
There are no parental consent laws in Cali. Get emergency Medicaid and they will help with the cost of it. Info if you need it . . . . If you go to a Planned Parenthood clinic that has a low-income program it can be as cheap as 100$. If you tells them you have no job, no money and no support...