Abortion, causing breast cancer?

Abortion, causing breast cancer?

Abortion, causing breast cancer?


Abortion is not listed on any factually based sites as a risk factor for breast cancer. Having a live birth before age 30 and breast feeding for more than 6 months can slightly reduce the risk. Those having an abortion are at no different risk to those remaining a virgin.


Abortion has nothing to do with breast cancer. It's a made up threat/rumor to discourage anyone looking for an abortion. Having children later in life, having fewer children or no breast feeding can very slightly increase the risk of breast cancer. BTW I had 3 kids early in life, breast fed 'em all and still got breast cancer.


I know that breastfeeding reduces your risk of breast cancer. So in that a woman will not be breastfeeding her child then, yes, but it can also be argued that using formula to feed your child instead of breastfeeding increases your risk. Also hormones affect breast cancer so it is entirely possible that an abortion would mess with hormones. I am against abortion but I have never seen a study that directly links abortion to breast cancer. My gyn told me that hormone treatments before menopause can lower a woman's risk of cancers but after menopause it can increase her risk of cancers.


Abortions are not the cause of breast cancer.


I doubt it. the church makes up stuff all the time to back up their rules. however I did hear that not breastfeeding could increase the chances, so it would kinda make sense I guess. but no more than being indoors causes lung cancer


Sounds to me like the church just wanted to scare it's young patrons from having an abortion.


http://www.cancer.org/cancer/breastcance... Try reading this resource from the American Cancer Society. There are additional resources at the bottom of the page that you can read individually.


Its doesn't increase you chance of cancer. If you read that in church it was to "scare" girls not to have abortions.


It doesn't. But there's a lot of religious propaganda out there. Too bad the religions don't start a campaign saying that religious killing causes cancer.



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