Abortion at 21 weeks pregnant?

Abortion at 21 weeks pregnant?

Abortion at 21 weeks pregnant?


What state are you in? It's unclear as to whether the clinic refused you the abortion because they are required by state law to not perform an abortion past 15 weeks, or because it's their policy at that particular clinic to not perform abortions that late. If it's the latter, you can seek out a different abortion provider- although that may require traveling (there are far less providers who perform abortions late in the second-trimester than those who do early abortion), and you will need to hurry, because most states ban elective abortion after 24 weeks. Give us more information and we'll try to help.


I believe you have no choice but to have this baby. You can either get ready to be a mom or get ready to place the child for adoption. I told you last night I would adopt your baby and it was no joke. You can email me at adoption.bound@yahoo.com I will tell you anything you want to know about my family. If you had an ultrasound I hope you saw you precious baby and will soon fall in love with your child. Being a mom is amazing and trust me it is the best job in the whole world. Please think about it. I pray that you find peace with your situation and embrace it.


What a heartless person you are. You have a baby inside of you, it's not a game. You can do anything about it so grow the hell up. Adoption is always an option, youre probably just a lazy teen that doesn't want to go through with it. Youre a terrible person.


i really think you are one sick individual for your poor little babys sake show your baby some love its not a fetus now and if you were to amke yourself go into labour your baby would survive but theres also a chance you and baby die too i think you should keep your baby you can also find out what your having from 20 weeks on think about it if your carrying a boy you are wanting to kill your son dont be selfish give it up for adoption let a REAL mom show this baby love


youve alreaady gone through half of the pregnancy, fess up to the parents and go through the rest its your own fault you didnt get one sooner, and they caant "not let you" carry the baby it is your body and at this point the only option left is having the baby, anything else would put your health and life at risk as well



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