Abortion at 20 weeks?

Abortion at 20 weeks?

Abortion at 20 weeks?


Yes you can get an abortion at 20 weeks but some doctors will refuse to do it after 18 weeks. In most places, including Australia an abortion becomes illegal and dangerous after 20 weeks. If you live in Australia, abortion is covered by Medicare but only up until 14 weeks. So after 14 weeks you have to pay and the cost varies between clinics. As for procedure you will probably have a dialtion and curette, which will involve a stay in hospital, sometimes only for a day. You are usually given a general and then the doctors dilate your cervix and remove the foetus. There may be a little but of pain afterwards and you can't have sex for a few weeks, but other than that it is ok. (i haven't had this for an abortion, i had the same procedure for a miscarriage so i'm basing that on my experience, so you should ask your doctor about pain afterwards etc for an abortion.) You should go talk to your doctor as soon as possible so you can sort this out and ask questions from a healthcare professional rather than a bunch of strangers. By the way, don't listen to those anti-choice people telling you you are a murderer. It is your choice so if it is what you want, then you shouldn't feel guilty about it. Make sure that you have got someone, maybe even a professional to talk to both before and after the procedure as realistically, you might have some feelings you will need to discuss. Good luck and stay strong!


I don't think it's legal to have an abortion after the first trimester. Even when it was, do you know how they did that?! Look it up. It's horrible. I don't agree with abortion but I definately think abortion that late in pregnancy is murder. If you'd go into labor in a few weeks the baby would probably be able to survive! You're halfway there already, just wait another 20 weeks and put the baby up for adoption to a loving home. It'll fly by. That way you will be making a couple very happy and you won't be killing your unborn child. Good luck.


why did you wait this long? you are 5 months pregnant. if you are pregnant, at 20 weeks youd know but i cant believe someone would actually consider it this late with out good reason. abortion is legal up until 24 weeks of pregnancy. i am all for pro choice although i would never have the procedure done myself but 20 weeks is far too long to wait. im almost 25 weeks and i was feeling my baby kicking before 20 weeks. shocked and stunned


If you can handle feeling it kicking and struggling as it is being sucked out of you. Then go right ahead and do it, because that's what happens when you wait too long. You won't ever forget it and your head will be messed up forever!!! Ignoring the matter didn't make it go away did it??? You waited this long and NOW you want to get an abortion. That's irresponsible and selfish. You let the pregnancy get to this stage so atleast pretend you have half a heart and let this child be born and give him/her up for adoption, you're halfway there anyway. It's not about you anymore!!


First of all. I am one of the people against abortions in certain circumstances, but i never judge anyone for it. But it is really all your choice. Just make sure it is the one you want. If you want to go through with it, there are local numbers in your phone book. Also, you can speak to an obgyn. They can refer you to a specialist. if you can tell me in what city and state you live in, i may be able to help you further by finding someone for you. i did find that abortions are usually done 12-20 weeks. after 20 weeks, it is called a late term abortion. the only states that have clinics that do those based on what i briefly found, are washington state, kansas,colorado, and canada. i tried to list some helpful sites.


I'm just a couple days short of 20 weeks. After what you've been through with carrying your child...morning sickness, breast tenderness, aches, cramps, etc... don't you feel any kind of bond with your child yet? My nurse told me the other day that the survival rate of children born at 22 weeks is very high. So to me that is like killing your child. I don't understand why you would wait so long. I know that some of us don't find out we're pregnant until later in the game...I was one of them. I found out when I was 12 weeks. Now I can't wait to go and find out what sex it is on my 20 week scan next week. Your 5 months pregnant. Your half way there. There isn't any part of you that's excited?? Maybe just a little?


Just so you know, the fetus is viable at 21 weeks, so you can get a doctor to induce labor and for just as much pain give birth and put the kid up for adoption. But I believe that in some states the legal limit is like 24 weeks. Like someone else said, check out Planned Parenthood, but at this point you might as well just give birth. You can get an epidural, not have to put up with the ridicule some people will send your way, and the guilt that many women are wracked with the rest of their life. BTW, the Supreme Court recently said that partial birth abortions are illegal so you need to do either the D&E or ... I don't know what it's called, but the child is dismembered within the womb then removed.


Yes, 20 week abortions are performed most often with a scraping and vacuuming of the uterus. Costs vary, depending on who is doing it and where it is performed. Contact your local Planned Parenthood Center for details and locations. If this is your choice, don't wait long. In fact, contact PP today. Though abortion is legal up to 24 weeks, some facilities perform them only to an earlier gestational age. Good luck. And while you're there, inquire about reliable birth control methods so you don't find yourself in this situation again. Here's a web site to locate your nearest Planned Parenthood Center: http://www.plannedparenthood.org/#


20 weeks is a long time, is there something wrong with you or the the baby? Have you considered adoption? Contact your local planned parenthood and they will be able to give you local information on who can help you.



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