Abnormal bleeding months after abortion?

Abnormal bleeding months after abortion?

Abnormal bleeding months after abortion?


Something is wrong with you. The bleeding is abnormal but only a doctor can help sort you out. they can give you a hormone pill or series of cheap hormone pills to set you back on track.



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How abortion can cause breast cancer?
It doesn't. The alleged link is flawed propaganda. Scientific research does not support a link between abortion and an increased risk of breast cancer later in life, as concluded by academic and biological researchers at the National Cancer Institute on Feb. 26, 2003. Participants of the...

Should abortion count as homicide according to international law?
Abortion IS homicide...Whether it should be ILLEGAL depends on MORALITY...Which is either: LAW FROM GOD...or LAW FROM HUMANS...Depending on whether or WHAT...YOU believe

Dr. Aveda King says, "Abortion is founded, maintained and promoted with lies."?
We live in a society tht will continue to spread their legs and then spout how they have a choice in whether they abort their child. They want to believe that what their doing is not indeed murder, so they refuse to listen to medical facts such as when the heart beat starts and what is actually...

Is it to late to get an abortion pill if your 7 weeks pregnant?
No! Always verify the answers you get on this subject because if only pro-lifers are here to answer, they will lie to you. There are two NON surgical procedures. Both can be preformed up until 8-9 weeks. The most common is the abortion pill. You take it at the office and they will send you...

Does a mother's right to live supercede the unborn's rights if the mother's life is in danger? (Abortion)?
Yes, the mother is more important. To others that disagree ... derf-der-der, without the mother the unborn child is going to die anyway. But I suppose you might not consider those procedure's as being an abortion at all... as in the cause of an ectopic pregnancy (fetus not in the womb, commonly...