Abnormal bleeding months after abortion?

Abnormal bleeding months after abortion?

Abnormal bleeding months after abortion?


Something is wrong with you. The bleeding is abnormal but only a doctor can help sort you out. they can give you a hormone pill or series of cheap hormone pills to set you back on track.



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How many U.S. abortions are performed each year due to rape, incest, and danger to the life of the mother?
According to Web MD, rape is the reason for 13,000 of 1.3 million annual abortions, or 1% of the total. But I'm not sure how accurate that figure is. Justice Department statistics for 2004 were approximately 0.4 rapes per 1,000 people. But that's a very broad definition of rape. According...

Abortion issues.....?
Having never had an abortion, I can only speculate. But my inclination is that women who suffer psychologically as a result of abortions are much more likely to be feeling guilt for the child they imagine, rather than for the embryo that actually existed. The social meaning of the procedure...

What can i use for abortion at home. ?
If it has been less than three weeks since you missed your period, you might be able to give yourself an abortion at home by taking vitamin C. This website explains exactly how to induce a miscarriage at home by using fresh parsley and vitamin C: http://angryforareason.blogspot.com/2006......

What are the chances North Dakota abortion laws get to the US Supreme Court?
The constitution (US) doesn't say anything about abortion, so there not a challenge there. But odds are it will be heard in court, maybe not the supreme court, but it will be heard.

Is there anyway I can get an abortion pill without going to the doctors?
Please consider the gravity when you stick your penis in her. Considering you have to talk to your parents I doubt you are of legal age. If you cannot even properly manage birth control I doubt you should be prodding I managed to get a pretty good grasp on taking a little pill daily orally...