Aare there any free abortion clinics in Detroit Michigan? ?

Aare there any free abortion clinics in Detroit Michigan? ?

Aare there any free abortion clinics in Detroit Michigan? ?


Abortions are not free in Detroit, or anywhere else. Birth control is free in high schools, planned parenthood, clinics and even some doctor's offices in the inner city. Medicaid cannot use public funds, (city, state or federal) by law, to pay for abortions. Your questions was are they free...without moral, ethical or personal judgments ~ abortions ~ like everything else ~ come at with a price...sometimes high.


not free but some are more reasonably priced or more compassionate than others I dont recommend Eastlands Womens clinic on 8 mile ( Ive treated a gal when she came into the ER with complications and they made the gal witness her ultrasound before the procedure ) I do recommend BCC- Birth Control Center in Sterling Heights


If abortions were free, women would be using them as birth control. You have to pay for it just like every other medical procedure.


not free. start with planned parenthood and see what they can do ..


You could ask at Planned Parenthood offices, if you must.



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