A list of Abortion songs?

A list of Abortion songs?

A list of Abortion songs?


I'm sorry, I don't know of any songs about abortion, but the thought of killing a baby always makes me sad. God will forgive whoever did it if they ask.


McArthur's Park and I've Never Been to Me


Lightning Crashes-Live Great song, great meaning....just flat out well written.


"Brick" - Ben Folds Five


Sex Pistols - "Bodies"



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Is abortion a CURRENT controversial issue?
I can only really speak of the UK where it doesnt seem the issue it used to be. I dont think it is in America either ? I know the Religious people think its tantermount to killing a baby,but it would only be this if it was done so late the baby had started to form into a person.? There are...

Is oprah pro abortion and promiscuity?
Dear RLP, Why are you so cruel and arrogant? I am not a fan of Oprah Winfrey but I do know that she was sexually abused as a young girl. For you to call her slutty is the most disgusting thing. You sound like a parent who molests little kids.

Can anyone get an abortion?
Sadly, it's as easy as any pregnant woman walking into a clinic, sign a form then abortion.

What are some good online argumentative articles?
go to any serious newspaper (New York Times, Washington Post) and look into the "opinion" or "editorial" section, then search for your topic -- people will always write editorial/opinion articles on controversial stuff.

Are babies born after failed abortion protected or not?
yes, and that is why obama did not vote yes for the bill. doctors already are required by law through their Hippocratic oath to help all living humans, which includes failed abortions.