Abortion Information?

Abortion Information?

Abortion Information?


Nette is right but even if you do just have a local anaesthetic you will also get a sedative and you will be drowsy and unaware of what is going on. Please ignore those commenting on adoption, I'm fully aware that adoption and abortion are not comparable choices I can't understand why people think they are. You do what is right for you.


It depends on the facility that does the abortion. You will be medicated. What you do is your choice and your choice only. Don't let people be verbally abusive about it. I would not suggest it, because things have been known to go wrong. But if it is what you want, just go to a medical and licenseded facility.


I my self am extremely pro life. But I also believe women have the right to chose for themselves. But if you think this is your decision, first think about the possible consequences. In some cases, women who have abortions are never able to have children again. if this is a risk you are willing to live with, then you are doing the right thing for you. It is your life, and you are the one who will have to life with this guilt. just make sure you know for sure this is your only option. take some time to think about it first.


First of all do you have any other children? If you do, well this baby deserves a chance to live too..It isn't the baby's fault that you and your ex boyfriend aren't together right now but who knows what your future will be..If anything just put the baby up for adoption if you still feel that way after you have him/or her. Haven't you ever wanted another chance, it's LIFE of course you have.


I'm sorry, but I feel like it's the right thing to do to try and change your mind. Think of you little baby, playing and laughing with him/her when they get older. If you aren't stable enough, put it up for adoption. There is someone else who would greatly appreciate it. You will regret it for the rest of your life. Another heart that was forced to stop beating. Another pair of eyes that will never see. A mouth that will never speak. Do you want to murder something that you created? Your baby is happy that it is finally living, despite what you may think it IS alive. It has a beating heart. But, not for long apparently. PLEASE reconsider. It will benefit you and the baby.


I know, you're going to see your little baby ripped to pieces! Maybe you'll see his/her little heart, it's probably the size of yours! You'll see all the blood and another innocent child murdered cause for some reason god made the mistake of putting a precious life inside of a worthless human being :)


if you are to do it, get put to sleep and dont take the abortion pill


Put the baby up for adoption. You will regret it.


Please strongly cosider giving the baby up for adoption.



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