Where Can I Buy Abortion Pills online?

Where Can I Buy Abortion Pills online?

Where Can I Buy Abortion Pills online?


I really hope you know what you are doing. You should really do some research, the effects that that pill can have on YOUR body can cost you MORE in medical bills than an actual abortion. And you cant find them online. A DOCTOR has to give them to you. Those pills are NOT safe to take and you will most likely wind up in the ER if you do take them. Your already killing a baby, dont kill yourself in the process.


No matter how many times you post this the answer is going to be the same. You can't buy them online. You have to go to a doctor.


you can't. And you're a dude so why would you need them? They need to be taken under a doctors supervision or the woman who takes them could experience complications, like death. Now stop asking.


You need to get them from a doctor so...go to a doctor. They'll be the same price. Do it the safe way.


You can't, and it's a good thing. Those things are DANGEROUS!


you mean birth control?



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