9 weeks pregnant. abortion options?

9 weeks pregnant. abortion options?

9 weeks pregnant. abortion options?


I don't think you would know about mental retardation this early on. But, looking beyond that, if you are not interested in continueing with this pregnancy, contact your doctor. He or she can put you in contact with a clinic that performs abortions, and you can then discuss your options.


There is the RU-486 pill, chances are the clinic will suggest a medical abortion, which is basically a D&C. http://www.plannedparenthood.org/health-...


Vacuum aspiration, is a technique that's sure to work,and is safe considering that you are 9 weeks pregnant. its got the least of the side effects,considering that it doesn't have anything to do with your hormones.


well i think theres only one type of abortion at 9 weeks and that taking one tablet and then be give more tablet for at home that u have to press to the side of ur cheek and eventually swallow it and it abt 24 to 48 hrs ur baby will be dead and u will miscarry


speak with the surgeon who performed your procedure, they should be able to tell you what went wrong there and you may be entitled to damages.



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