Abortion question?

Abortion question?

Abortion question?


I don't know about Italy's abortion laws so I can't answer what is maybe their intent. I can say that the large majority of all abortions take place within the first 8 weeks and there are very few abortions that are performed after 20 weeks. Saying that, yes it is possible to perform a late term abortion where the fetus would be viable with neo natal care and there have been cases where an abortion proceedure resulted in extracting a still-living fetus. This is very rare you understand. Abortions performed so late are in-hospital proceedures most often when there are serious complications that threaten the woman's life. And I think it would be After the 24 week limit you say is Italian law. I can see that it would be part of the abortion law to try to save them in a Catholic country like Italy. Edit: Again, I don't know Italian law, but I expect the intent was for possible situations when they intended to end the pregnancy but extracted a still alive infant. And the legal guideline then is to save it and is to put it into neo-natal care ASAP. And I don't think this is contradictory because that has happened and usually in situations where the mother was at serious risk. It is not the usual abortion to remove an unwanted accidental pregnancy when she finds out situation, but abortion for the mother's health or life.We are talking about special cases here. Edit: My best guess? As soon as it is alive outside the womb.


The source is not credible nor does it offer any sources. Both of these obvious flaws should set off warning bells for you. Its crap, so don't bother putting it into your bibliography :) *The New York Times is a credible source but the problem is that the article has nothing whatsoever to do with Italy - it concerns the State of Michigan, which last time I checked was located in the USA. Here are some links to New York Times articles about Italy and the current abortion controversy. http://topics.nytimes.com/top/reference/... Elections were held on the 13 and 14th of April and since they were held things are still... as they were before the election. If Italy were to make it difficult for Italian women to have abortions (like Ireland does) then Italian women would just travel outside of Italy for the procedure (as Irish women have procedures done in the UK all the time). Europe is very small. **The only 2 bodies who collect the kind of data you are looking for in the USA are the CDC and the Guttmacher Institute: http://www.guttmacher.org/pubs/fb_induce... See http://www.religioustolerance.org/abo_fe... for definitions and gestational information. A fetus is a fetus until a baby is born- a fullterm fetus is STILL a fetus, not a baby. Prior to birth, its a fetus- after its born its a baby - not before. K? Those are your legal AND medical definitions. **In the case of Canada, you are correct. BUT You need to check the law where you live to know the situation there, or the country you are interested in (in your case it would be Italy). Where I live there are no laws at all about abortion - the matter is STRICTLY between a woman and her physician. Up until the time a woman goes into labour and pops a baby - its a fetus. Even a fullterm fetus is STILL a fetus, the law makes no distinction. But Canada is one of the few countries that doesn't have laws regulating abortion. We have found that laws are unnecessary because its a medical procedure, pure and simple. It works for us just fine- we have been without any laws on abortion since the old ones were struck down by the Supreme Court of Canada as being unconstitutional way back in 1989.


I asked a question about partial or late-term abortions (after 24 weeks). I've found heaps of web sites with abortion survivors. But then there are stories of babies who survive an abortion attempt and are left to die. It's good to see that Italy's abortion rate is going down. Douchey: you can write more than one paragraph. I'm impressed. Good points.



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