I have a question about abortion photos?

I have a question about abortion photos?

I have a question about abortion photos?


the first i doubt that it's real the second could be real but those are nothing to compared to many other real vids and dont u think that perhaps prolifers dont do this to win the argument but to create conscience? if these photos were real (or you went to look for real aborted children photos) then how would this affect your view? i invite you to watch this video, the testimony of person who was aborted and survived. look at it this way, it's a way to look at the other side to have better arguments against prolife i hope you come to understand us why we try so hard for people to change http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0pvR1v8G...


In my opinion, I think they are fake. I mean, what certified dr would take photos like this? And even so, You can only have an abortion up to about 3 months, after that you can't have one. Unless your pregnancy has medical problems. I don't think that the fetus could have developed into such forms, shown of the pictures.


first one looks fake, i thought babies don't grow bones until they're much bigger


Those pictures scared me.....


yes they are very real



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