Abortion pill?

Abortion pill?

Abortion pill?


You should have began with the "morning after pill" as that and the "abortion pill" (if there is even such a pill) are two totally different things. The best advice you can give your friend is to go see an OBGYN. They are the only ones who can provide her with the best solution. I'm PRO-CHOICE. However, if it were to have happened to me and I wasn't ready for a child. I'd face the circumstances, have the child and if need be find a better home for him/her (give him/her up for adoption) if I wasn't fit financially to keep the child.


I don't think that there is an abortion pill I may be worng tho... The morning after pill is something else, just prevent that the egg get to the uterus (I think) the points is that you don't actually get pregnant. Only work the 72 hs after the sex (again I think) For the record I don't think that abotion is right, if you are old enough to have sex, you are old enough to take the responsibility that came with it (keep the baby or give it to adoption) good luck to your friend!


The morning after pill is most effective within 24hrs. The effectiveness drops off after that. After 6 days you need not bother.


You probably won't see this post because by the time I'm done writing my answer will be on page 2 or 3. You may be thinking of the RU 486 pill which is a Non-Surgical medically induced abortion. You have between 7-9 weeks to use this method. Please call Planned Parenthood for more information. You may have made a mistake but you don't have to be punished for it for the rest of your life. Sometimes you make the better choice after a mistake has been made.


Sorry everyone went crazy on you, I just wanted to address Le na, when she said you get paid when you give a child up, that is NOT true and abortion and adoption have nothing to do with each other.


If you are speaking of plan B, it is not an abortion pill. If you are speaking of an at-home abortion, you need to call planned parenthood to figure that out. Your laws can vary state to state. Usually it is not allowed after 8 weeks. Plan B will work up to 72 hours after unprotected sex. You can get that at pharmacies in certain states or by prescription from your doctor. The reason you need to take it 72 hours after is because it minimally takes 72 hours for the sperm to reach the egg. Sometimes the sperm can be faster than that, so the pill may not always work. However plan B will not abort the egg if it becomes fertilized. Please seek the most appropriate care for your situation.


Wow, what is this? pro-life week? Seriously, answer the question without your 'baby killer' input. They give it the pill up to 8 weeks.


I dont know anything about the abortion pill. Im sorry. I'm sorry for you and your child.... If you havent taken it please dont end a helpless childs life just because of a mistake. You are not a murderer and God will love you regardless of what you chose but please dont take the pill, carry the baby full term, and give it away to couples that cant have children but cry for them. I will be praying for you. PS--- you will not go to hell for taking the pill, regardless of what you do only Jesus can save you.


Are you talking about hte morning after pill? If so 72 hours. As for the actual "Abortion pill" the one you take after you know you're pregant. you have 49 days after your last period. It actually requires several doctor's visits and several risk and may result in a traditional abortion anyway. (a D&C)



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