Why do Pro-lifers always use fake pictures when protesting abortion?

Why do Pro-lifers always use fake pictures when protesting abortion?

Why do Pro-lifers always use fake pictures when protesting abortion?


As for the pics, uh, I don't think those are faked. Granted, I don't think the pics of starving Ethiopians are faked either. And those pics basically cry out 'abort, lest we suffer a mass die off'. But Christians, the right anyway, think Jesus will make everything better. I don't think the left really believe at all. As for the breast cancer bit. Doubtful. I mean, there MIGHT be a link but I doubt it. Sterilization ? Maybe. If you're using a coat hanger. Yadda yadda ? That's about the quality of most of their arguments. But heck, emotional bull **** plays and outright lies actually work. Dishonest as hell but effective.


Lying for Jebus is perfectly ok for these people. I agree with the answer that equates them with terrorists and the power of emotional persuasion those pictures show. The remind me of PETA. I support many animal rights groups and when I was financially strapped they sent me pictures you wouldn't believe. They too bomb animal testing facilities just like the people who kill doctors. Pro choice Pro sex ed and Anti abortion


Hi Momo ! They are obviously exagerrating pictures to promote thier propoganda. As I say, these are usally middle class Christians/Catholics or worse men who have no idea what its like to carry a baby for 9 mos. They are good at carring thier signs. What they are not good at is carrying a baby themselves for 9 mos and giving it up for adoption, not to mention the emotional and mental turmoild and physical changes and loss that comes with pregnancy. Let's see what they would do in that situation. I would NEVER discourage a woman from getting an abortion if that's what is right for her. If my friend needed one I would even go with her if requested.


Same reason the zi0nists keep putting fake pictures of the holocaust in kid's books. They always use photo shopped photos of manequins and clothes display hangers drenched in tomato sauce. They then make it black&white to make it *seem* like it happened during the '40s. Poor manequin manufacturers who have their products paraded for the shameful purpose of promoting zi0nism. They also lie about the facts of National Socialism by saying that they threw Jews into giant pits together, and that they actually burned them in ovens. How dare those lying zi0nists use such shameful tactics when promoting their selfish propaganda.


Because a picture's worth a thousand turds? If they like babies so much, they should have and raise THEIR OWN. Myself, I have a life of my own. Sans Babbys. BTW, Momo, how's about we 4get those gnarly aborts and just lick the Cream off those Cupcakes! (Sorry, I just had to do it!)


Don't you have to first prove "fake pictures" are "always" used before asking why? Until you do that, you are in no position to demand honesty from others.


It helps make people join your cause. Everybody does it.


They're like politicians, advertisers, priests, and teenage boys in that they lie to get people to do what THEY want. They also say rape victims' emotions and mental health is less imperative than the POTENTIAL life of what is at the moment a glob of cells. So, yeah. Not the most trustworthy people..


Because Christian fundamentalist propaganda is based on lies. Religion has a long history of lying to promote its agenda.



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