Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice?

Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice?

Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice?


I'm pro-choice. although i would never have an abortion we live in america (home of the free) well how free can we be if the government can dictate what a woman can and can't do with her body. I also believe that there are people out there who shouldn't have kids. just think if all the people who "hate kids" yet have them anyway had an abortion those children wouldn't be getting beat on a daily basis. If they were humane enough to say "you know what i don't want this child and i know that it will suffer in its life with me" and just not had them (or gave them up for adoption) you wouldn't hear about babies with shaken baby syndrome or being put in the microwave oven. you wouldn't see the news where a mother left her 2year old at home to care for a newborn baby and then the house caught on fire. No all these problems would be gone!


When you say life does not start at conception, I'd only agree if you say "independent life". A fetus, no matter how small, is life, but it starts off completely dependent on the mother and then gradually becomes independent. An abortion kills a life that is both a part of the mother, and partly independent. Therefore both should have a say. The question is whose opinion is more important? I'd say you should give the fetus the benefit of the doubt as much as possible, since it is s/he that is facing death, not the mother.


Pro choice. There are too many people now. If our species is to survive long term, global human reproduction and consumption rates must be reduced. Opposing abortion can only lead to more human births. Ironically, the pro life movement might eventually be largely responsible for the extinction of our species, not to mention countless others.


i am pro- choice, but i definately don't agree with your saying..."babies can ruin teens lives"..They should have never put themselves in the situation to be pregnat if they are not willing to raise a baby!! they can always give the baby up for adoption if it is such a "life change" for them...i think abortion should be used in VERY rare situations!


The **** storm of arguing begins.....but no progress will be made. I will stay pro-choice and the pro-lifers will go crazy.


I don't personally have a stake in it as long as each person stays out of the other person's business.


Pro-LIFE! An abortion is the murder of a living thing (and yes, fetuses are alive.) I am pro-life and will be 'til the day I die.



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