Partial birth abortion is a loose term, and from what i have read about it the net, you cant get one here in the UK just because YOU FEEL LIKE IT 8 months after getting pregnant. It just doesn't happen. There would have to be a severe medical reason for a late abortion to be performed. I don't know what sort of naive idealistic world you are living in, but one day you may want someone to show you some compassion and perhaps it will make you realise how little empathy you really have with the suffering of other people who have been through abortions for various painful and sad reasons.


If you don't approve of something, do something actively to change it. I'm so tired of hearing and seeing people talk about things that bother them, and yet all they do is talk about it. Vote, go to rally's, start a petition, write to your governor and senators, start or join a movement against abortion. Just do something. You think African Americans got where they are today by sitting there and talking about their problems with society? You think women got the right to vote by discussing their problems in their knitting circles? No, they actually physically and actively went out and did something about it. I'm pro-choice, but I think partial birth abortion is wrong too. I really don't care that much about the issue, but obviously a lot of people do care and want something done about it. I have had issues with laws and lack of laws before, and I wrote my governor letters and actually civically participated in ways to change things I didn't agree with. It's a democracy, the more people fight for what they believe in, the sooner things will change. But it seems like most of the people who have a problem with abortion, just rant about the issue and I'm sorry to say, that won't change anything.


Abortion is MURDER no matter what!!!!! .. It's murdering a baby no matter when it was conceived, how it was conceived or who conceived it!!!!!! EVERYTHING happens for a REASON. BUT "Don't hate the sinner hate the sin" so I TRY not to judge people but I think it is a horrible thing that someone thinks that they have the "CHOICE" to MURDER someone... and by someone I mean a person/little human being. Just because its not "formed" yet doesn't mean that God doesn't already have a plan for that baby's life. And I have a question for people who think killing a baby in the womb is ok and justified.. How come a women can KILL her baby but if someone killed a PREGNANT women they would be tried for a double murder????


I do not agree with partial birth abortion at all. When a baby is already formed- it should be considered a human being. If your baby was 2 days old- would you kill it? To me- it's like the same thing.


Partial birth abortions should be illegal and are dead wrong. I lost a baby at about 24 weeks. I had to give birth and see her live for a few hours and then pass away. I do not understand who can kill a baby at this age or even later throughout a pregnancy intentionally.


I think that partial birth abortions are the worst kind, they can be done during the entire pregnancy and the baby could live in most cases, so if your going to carry the baby that long why not just give it up for adoption.


You would be hard-pressed to find anyone in the pregnancy section that will say partial-birth abortions are ok. I think it is a disgusting, atrocious, cruel act. I have always been pro-choice, but I draw the line here. Once a woman has reached that stage in pregnancy, she has forfeited her right to choose as far as I'm concerned.


You being a male, why are you in a pregnancy section posting a rant on abortions? And then you request that only the people that agree with you back up their answers... Are you bored?


Partial birth abortion is really iffy. Basically, the kid is in the process of being born, and then they destroy its brain. I do not support it. However, if there are extreme situations, such as severe injury or death to the mother, or it is an extremely disabled child, i guess it is the family's decision. Just in case anyone misunderstands me, i'm not talking about autism, or downs syndrome, i am talking about the *awful* like a 7 year old boy my mom nurses at home who was born with only a brain stem. He doesnt see, hear, touch, taste, think or feel. He cant even control his heart and lungs. Machines do that for him. Somebody gave birth to his empty shell, and another family adopted it. That is the baby you let die.



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