How much does an abortion cost?

How much does an abortion cost?

How much does an abortion cost?


There will no notification sent to your parents since you are 18 so don't worry about that okay? Having sex isn't stupid, not being protected is though, so next time make a point of using some form of birth control. I'm not sure exactly how much it will cost, it depends on where you live as well as how far along you are, you should definitely go to a planned parenthood (and please use the insurance) you will obviously need ID your social security number and have to fill out paperwork, you will also have to talk with someone to make sure this is what you really want, they will tell you how far along you are and how developed your baby is and if they can move or not and things like that, they may also do an ultrasound to show you your baby if your not very far along this is usually internal (they use a wand and insert it into your vagina) otherwise it will be on your stomach. You probably won't forget about this no matter how things turn out, but you need to think about this long and hard and in the end make the decision that is right for you and only you and your life. Don't listen to people telling you you're stupid or murdering a child because you 'spread your legs' they are just being judgmental, they dont know you or your situation and remember that okay <3 I wish you the best luck EDIT: You can downrate me all you want, I'm 35 weeks pregnant, And i personally don't believe in abortion, but that is my opinion, and i've kept it out of the way so i can help this girl do whatever is right for her. You should all be ashamed for shoving your opinion into peoples faces who are hurt and scared and need help.


you're going to get some judgmental Answers here. because most everyone in the topic is pregnant. I think you're better off googleing, or calling your local abortion clinic. the prices vary depending where you are. it also depends on the kind of abortion you get and how far along you are. they will counsel you on your options of adoption an abortion. many women feel regret afterwards that's why they talk to you first- they aren't trying to judge you or talk you out of it they just want you to be okay. I would say a couple hundred to 1,000. don't go alone, bring someone close you can talk to, it's normal to cry afterwards, even if you know you made the right choice for you. I'm really sorry you're going to do this, not in judgement away but it is emotionally hard. Good luck <3 ADD- you can do a pill abortion up to week 9. You take a pill in the clinic, and then another kind of a pill 3 days later or something like that. The first pill you feel ok, the second one makes you cramp, and bleed. (I just googled). I would bring your insurance card, ask if it would show up on a bill or how it would work. If they send out anything in the mail, I would pass, but it could save you money, they aren't cheap. "Nationwide, the cost ranges from $300 to $800. Costs may be more or less, depending on whatever additional tests, visits, or exams are needed." I would plan on the higher end- they will need to do an ultrasound, and maybe a blood test, you would need to pay for those too (I believe). So look up an abortion clinic near you, and call them when you can. You can set up an appointment, ask about pricing, and ask about insurance. I'm not trying to change your mind, but you talk about what your parents will think, so I'm just throwing this out there- WHAT DO YOU THINK? Ignoring your parents thoughts, ignoring this jerk of a guy, just you and fetus. Do you want a baby? Now if you don't, I won't stop you, but don't let the fear of disappointing your parents be the reason you decide not to have a baby. It's not their choice, it's yours. Just make sure you know what you want. As long as it's what you want I'll keep you in my thoughts and hope that you're handling it okay. Same with adoption. Choose what you want, but do consider every option- I just don't want you to look back and feel any guilt or regret, like "I should've kept it," "I should've aborted," "I should've adopted." If you've considered every option based on what you want, you'll look back and be okay. Sorry this is long- I just know it's hard, and I want to make sure you're okay. I know it's hard and it might be harder with everyone here openingly vocalizing their opinions from the safety of their computers. Truth be told, they can say what they want, and judge all they want- and say what they would do in your situation, but they aren't, and they don't know what they would do. So I hope you don't let it rent space. Good luck <3, I mean it.


Find a clinic! I'm not sure where the nearest one is, but I'm pretty sure there are clinics that do abortions for free or for low costs. Planned parenthood is awesome, if there is one near Sacramento. Just make sure it's reputable. Even a clinic that mainly does sti testing should be able to refer you somewhere where you can get an abortion. Sorry that some people are giving gross answers, it's definitely your right to do whatever you want with your body and tell/not tell whoever you want. I hope you find something that works out for you!


I think it's around 300 dollars (maybe up to $500). I'm not completely sure. You should call your health care provider and ask what there price is. PS. It's your personal decision if you want to have an abortion. Human life is not the equivalent of a group of cells. Don't pay attention to those people that are trying to shame you into not making the decision you want to make. They are just judgmental bigots who think they are morally superior and get of kick out of shaming people . You know what the right decision is for you. You should consider getting on birth control afterwards.


I'm pretty sure no one asked for your guys' idiot opinions. No one cares. It depends where you live. Abortion is not covered by insurance, so you won't have to worry about that on the insurance. Contact planned parenthood. Good luck with your decisions.


You people are ridiculous. You don't know this girl. If you are so against pro-choice why even frigging bother answering the question! To answer your question, it depends where you live and how far along you are. I would call the clinic and just ask. Good luck with whatever you decide.


Yes murder a child to make "it go away". You're sick. Adoption is a good idea for selfish people like you. Listen biochem/premed major. You know in biology an amoeba is considered a living thing and any other single celled organism is living then you know a group of cells with a heartbeat growing limbs, organs, and cell mitosis is a living organism. So it's not a religious thing, even though I am a Christian, it is alive according to biological standards. Thanks for playing


I don't have an answer for your question but I do think that before you make this decision you should talk to people that have been through it. I know someone who's had one done and they were as determined as you, then after it ruined her. She went through severe depression quit living all together. You should not go through with it until you know for sure you can do it without it destroying you. I'm not judging you I'm trying to think of you.


Ur suppose to be a adult so y not let them know i think theyd be more upset that u had a abortion. Cost. Depends on how far along u r



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