Why should abortion be illegal?

Why should abortion be illegal?

Why should abortion be illegal?


Amazing how the English language morphs over time. The word abortion used to be a hush-hush word, only uttered in a whisper by most people. Now it is used to openly describe many things and most of them are about or concerning huge mistakes. It's true meaning has been dulled by this usage. I happen to agree with the latest version. It seems that all the mistakes leading up to the necessity for an abortion are being overlooked. As humans, we all have a brain and some use theirs better than others. Some are trained by life's circumstances that mistakes can be wiped out after they are made. Others are taught that there can be negative results to actions that they take and how not to make them. This doesn't mean in the real world that neither will make a mistake, nobody is perfect. Some will make the mistake of having natural fun, with no thought of the consequences at the time. Some will know the results of their actions and get caught up in the moment. Here is where the problem begins. Some will take the easy way out and have the easy abortion, others will take responsibility for their actions and carry the child to birth. With all the medical advances toward birth control we have, how do you get pregnant if you don't want to get that way? Life is a precious thing and shouldn't be taken lightly. History shows us that a society that cares so little about life and death, has a very short time remaining strong. Millions of "mistake" abortions are done every year. Pregnancy from incest and rape are in a very small percentage when compared to all the abortions done. This part is where the above statements don't fit. All the others had a choice and they made it. The incest and rape victims didn't have a choice. This may sound harsh and cruel to you and the victims, but the unborn child hasn't got a choice, either. It is still life and I am very happy that I never had to make that choice or be in on the decision. While punishing the victims to carry these babies to birth is unfair, we still have to respect the little life that is there. Morals and ethics have more to do with this than religions. The fact that we are all here on YA means that our mothers didn't believe in killing an unborn child. Blank spaces would be below all the questions if there was anybody to ask them. That would be a real abortion!!!!


The church believes that it is wrong because God says its wrong. And that is the only reason it should be illegal. It is killing someone without cause....i.e. murder. And women have been getting abortions since the beginning of time...long before it became legal...so if they absolutely didn't want to carry the baby, they would do it anyway. I do think however, that if it were made illegal, it would stop allowing it to be used as a form of birth control for people who choose not to take responsibility for their own actions. Your question about a woman that is raped is appropriate...although ones that fall into that catagory are few and far between. It would be a difficult time for her...but she has to keep in mind that the child is hers also, not just the rapist. Having an abortion is not going to change the fact that she was raped. She would never forget....either way.


First of all, abortion has only been legal for 35 years. Prior to that the "sick pervs" didn't go on a rape fenzy. You have to understand the nature of rape, it is a hate crime, not a desire to get a woman pregnant. Currently less than 1% of all abortions are done as a result of rape. It is highly unlikely that a woman will get preganant from rape, but if she does, the human being conceived is no less a human being. The Church teaches that at conception a new person is created. The circumstances of that conception do not define the person. If you found out a friend of yours had been conceived in rape would you decide that your friend was no longer a human being and did not desere to live? Or if a woman who conceives a child as a result of rape, carries that baby for 9 months, gives birth and then kills the child...she is guilty of murdering a human being. The law would not allow her to kill the child outside the womb because it was conceived by rape. Rape is horrible and violent crime. If it happens to someone, nothing we do can erase the effects of that crime. A woman who aborts a child conceived in rape is still a rape victim. It doesn' t "fix" everything. She still suffers, she is still a victim. A child has the genetics of both parents. When I look at my children I do not see them as only products of their father. They are also my children, and they are seperate unique individuals created by God. A child conceived by rape is also his/her mother's child...and most importantly a unique individual created and loved by God. I have read accounts of women who have decided to keep a child who was conceived in rape. Some gave them up for adoption and some kept them and raised them. All of the women felt they had something good come out of something horrible. Even though they were raped, and cannot undo that, they felt that the joy and importance of "life" was a blessing that helped heal them. They could attach this "goodness" to the horrible crime and it helped them feel better...not worse as many people assume. A new life is joy. A new life is a human being always. A child is not valued by the circumstances of its conception. That just doesn't make sense.


Human rights. Every human being should be protected from the moment of conception to the moment of natural death. Rape is a horrible crime against a woman. The victim needs to heal, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Any new human life is a miracle of God even when the miracle happens when connected with the crime of rape. The murder of this innocent and defenseless person created in the image and likeness of the Creator will do nothing but increase the rape victim's physical, mental, and spiritual pain and suffering. The rape victim also implicates everyone involved in the murder. This includes the health care workers and possibly even her family and friends. While bringing the baby to term and giving him or her up for adoption will make the victim into a hero in the eyes of the child, the adoptive parents, the community, and God and go a long way towards her physical, mental, and spiritual health. For more information, see the Catechism of the Catholic Church, sections 2270 and following: http://www.usccb.org/catechism/text/pt3s... With love in Christ.


Well, I'm thinking I'm with you on this. If you do not give a woman the right to immediately end a pregnancy caused by rape, whether you realize or not, you are giving license to the rapist to continue to rape. I would think that in a few weeks after that ordeal, a woman could end that pregnancy in the few weeks of healing and possibly prevent a rape related pregnancy from beginning with today's medical technology. And if she chose to stay pregnant, that's her choice as well... But by the same token and ideally, rape and abortion should not exist. However, in this world, they do still exist, so the least we can do is try and minimize and if possible eliminate the existence of these horrible events and the negative effects associated with them...


The catholic church's position on abortion does not permit disagreement on this issue. However, you are completely incorrect in thinking that "almost every catholic/christian believes it's really wrong." At least half of the population of this country supports a woman's right to choose. The vast majority of those people are christians. Life at any price is not moral nor is it logical. Unwanted children are not moral.


yeah it is ok to go against your church beliefs because everyone has to develop their own beliefs find your beliefs and choose which ever is more reasonable for you. And abortion is an issue where the government contradicts it's own laws. In this case you have the right to privacy.. where in prostitution you have the right to privacy as well but as a matter of fact prostitution is illegal yet abortion is not and both cases deal with the right to privacy. So it is all up to you to make your own beliefs and not to follow someone else beliefs. Come up with your own original logical thoughts.


you can think what you want. Yes Abortion should be illegal. its opens up too many doors of irresponsibility. BUT if its outlawed then teenage girls will result to the butchers who use coat hangers to scrap them clean. Rapist are out there wether or not there are abortion laws. and i garentte the last thing on thier minds is "let me rape her so she will get pregnant" thats not how that works. As for the Pill, it should not be considered a sin. it doesn't kill the fetus. It prevents the body from releasing an egg. there is no egg, there is no conception. No conception no heartbeat. you want to rave about anti-contraceptive, rant about Depo. they call it the abortion shot. it doesn't keep you from releasing an egg. it keeps it from planting itself. i think that is a sin.


I am from a country where Abortion is illegal.The intention behind this is to protect girls from being aborted during pregnancy. Determination of sex is a crime. Male to female ratio is 1000:875 due to girls getting aborted. It is totally illegal whether or not a girl is pregnant by rape. Coming to your ques why it should be illegal. I think it should be subject to Law , i mean it should be like one has to seek approval from concerned officials before abortion


Well, some women are sluts and are not in tune with their own bodies. So, they wait until 3 months or more to take action. To me that is sick. I think if you want an abortion take care of it immediately. In no way should it take a promiscuous woman 3 months to know they are pregnant. Even if they outlaw abortion, it should still be available to rape or incest victims.



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