well people always tell you that the baby ( or fetus) cant feel the abortion. But they can. I watched a songram of an abortion and besides being the most painful thing i've ever seen it really made me want to make others aware of what i saw. When you decide to have an abortion the dr puts you up on the table and inserts an instrument inside of your uterus. This instrument has an acid like soloution on it to burn away the limbs and baby remains. The sonogram showed the instrument coming towards the baby and the baby moving away from it. It showed the instrument opening this claw like pincer on the end and pulling off the babys limbs, including head. The sonogram showed the baby convulsing due to the immennce pain and burning solution that was slowly disolving the remains. And the end of the abortion was the dr using a vaccumm to suck out the unborn baby's parts. This wasnt something someone made up, it wasnt a gag video, it was a real recorded abortion on a sonogram. I understand people have thousands/ millions of reason for them to have an abortion, and thats there choice. But women who make these choices arent giving there unborn child a choice. There are couples, and singles and women and men out there who would love to have a child but either cant concieve for medical reasons or are just infertal. Im sure they would love to have that baby that the person is thinking of aborting. All in all everyone has a choice, just remember that the unborn child sucking its thumb inside a womans womb doesnt.


Ok i ll be able to give u an honest opinion as iv experienced it. I had an abortion when my son was about 1 year old. My partner had been pushing me around whilst i was pregnant and we ended up separating. Then my parents were intending on moving to India. I had hardly any money could not get child support of my ex as he was not working and i was living in a 1 bed flat with my son. I thought the best thing to do was get rid...i could have had the baby and given it to someone who wanted it but i knew i would regret that also. So at about 8 weeks pregnant i got an abortion. My parents ended up staying in UK. I now let my son stay with his father once a week. I have a lovely 2 bed house and have moved on with my life. But there isnt a day not one day that goes by when i regret what i had done. Anyone that is actually thinking about having an abortion dont do it....have the baby foster it out for awhile n if u still dont want it adopt it out compltley. I will never choose to have an abortion again...and now i am always always careful in the bedroom department.


Considering that american women value their unborn children so slightly, how does that make the children she lets live feel? I was 5th of six children that my parents had. what if abortion was as acceptable in the 50's as it is now, would I still be here? Im not sure... I know my parents loved me, they are deceased, but I also know that it was a challenge raising 6 kids. I thank the lord abortion wasnt the norm when I was born. I just wonder how abortion affects the ones who survive. Could this explain the high number of kids who shoot up schools? think VT! It seems to me that 100's of people in the US die from gun violence and we mostly agree that there should be some sensible controls on guns, 5 day cooling off period etc. well millions of abortions are performed in the US every year shouldn't we also have a 5 day waiting period for an abortion. Sensible abortion restrictions are needed to stem the tide of disposable children. There is a reason childless couples have to go to a foriegn county to adopt children, we throw ours in the infectious waste bin. Just my 2 cents...


i think abortion before 12 weeks in circumstances where say the mother is unmarried, young etc is sometimes in the best interests of the baby, but i only agree with this as a one off, people using abortion as birth control is terrible. Abortion after 12 weeks is most deffinately murder and should be banned, a fetus between ages 12 and 13 weeks develops its pain receptors and proof has shown the fetus opening its mouth in pain as it is being sucked apart limb by limb, this is no different that killing a baby that you can see in a puschair on the street, maternity wards, prem baby units etc as the baby is fully formed can feel the pain but people do it because what they cant see cant hurt them, i think people need to be aware that the baby will feel every little bit of being ripped apart and maybe if they did people wouldnt kill defensless babies. I am currently 5 months pregnant with a bump that looks like im about to drop (not sure if its twins,,, first u/s showed only one but as bump is so big we are still thinking it could be as they run in family) Everyday is a struggle to do things as normal, its an inconveinience but i wouldnt dream of aborting my baby as i feel it kicking the family can feel it kicking and turning round, we can see it moving round in my tummy yet there is still 4 more weeks the law allows for me to abort,,,,,,,,,,,, i think you have to know what it is like ot be carrying a baby you can feel inside you and to know people at the very same stage as you are laying in abortion clinics right now killing them! MURDER


just to let you know.. i am FOR abortion. If a baby is not going to be fully loved or cared for or wanted than why place the poor thing under all that hate for their whole life ? Seeing these children on the street in my hometown is disgusting. 3 year old walking arouns b.c their mothers don't care enough. and these women can't afford abortions and i know you're saying adoption.. but do you know what the foster system is like ? It's horrible and takes years before a child can call someone their parent. I personally would never get an abortion simply because I have love and my child would too. I think it's right if you use it wisely.. now if you use it as a form of birth controll. that is completely wrong. and the women that do this.. they can have fun burning in hell =]


I think personally that it is wrong. To abort the right of anyone's life is unfair. It seems like taking away an opportunity. Life is the biggest opportunity you are given. There is only one. If you do not wish to have a child then have it adopted. The kid may not know who their mother or father is but at least they will be alive to know that they had one.


If you don't want to have an arbortion then don't have one. If you don't want someone else to have an abortion, you are imposing your flawed value system on somebody else. There's too much of that going around already. That would the the pro-choice argument. Can't think of any reasons why you should be able to legislate what some other woman does with her body.


I believe both parties who made the life should discuss it and make a decision that is realistic and fair to both parties including the child.


Ever heard the expression 'beggars can't be choosers'? I think it applies here.



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